Learning How To Type Faster Online

When it comes to mastering typing, we are all learning on the fly. Maryanne Roller has some tips to help you learn faster.

I had been struggling with the ability to type and post to Facebook every minute of the day since becoming a mom to two children. I wasn’t sure how I would get the little two-year-old to do it while I was around to watch her, or let alone post it.

However, after joining Brave, a Facebook-like service for teens and young adults that lets users write to one another, I noticed a big change. I could type four paragraphs quickly, which is way faster than writing on a smartphone keyboard and allowing one-handed typing.

I tried it out again and again until I felt confident enough to enter my most polished work from the original assignment I had posted. I finally felt like I could not only contribute to this course, but I could even finish it.

It didn’t take me long to learn to make progress, but posting came very naturally.

To help these social media beginners navigate their tricky Facebook process, here are some simple pointers to help you be a better and more efficient Facebook writer.

1. Get accustomed to the posts

Before putting up your first post, use the site’s drop-down menu to skip straight to your “other” post view. Fill it with photos and you’ll get an idea of the kind of posts and pictures that come first. It’s a great way to see who you’re posting to, for example, photos of your child or newborn.

2. Follow your users

When you login, you’ll see the names of your followers. Monitor them so you don’t miss out on a favorite celebrity, with whom you speak of often. You also can check out the names of those you don’t know that you may want to contact in the future.

3. Be specific

I found that there were some topics I wanted to post to, particularly about my kids. I just had to spell and spell-check so my posts were specific, and relatable. Don’t create a post about uni without spelling out the university.

I also learned that there are certain grammar rules that may not apply to text messages or emails. For example, starting a message with “As” may lead to confusion, so use “To.”

4. Update your feed

With a regular activity feed you’ll find several posts a day, meaning if you choose to reply, comment or “like” a post, more of the posting goes up. In addition, a “who’s your friend” feature will make it easier to connect with others, regardless of where they may live.

5. Update your friends

I noticed that other users who had joined recently would see my posts. I made sure to ask for their personal permission before posting. This way my post would be welcomed without the need for their blessing, and that way they know it didn’t violate terms of use.

6. Use abbreviations

Some abbreviations, such as “4” and “6” are better than others. For example, “4” is slower, not as concise, and could take longer to post. It’s less expressive, not as clear as a “” or “4.6.”

7. Don’t post in code

Many social media apps allow users to post in code. For example, Facebook Graphites include code so you can login to the website and see posts.

8. Be sure to record your statuses

When I post, I make sure to record my posts, so when I log out or sign in, there will be a new post. This way, should a Facebook comment box fall, it will recognize that it has been shared. With a few changes, you can create a formidable log-in trackable for future reference, which makes it easier to find your posts later.

9. Do NOT try posting typos or jokes

Not only is it totally stupid to post an English typo, it will get deleted too quickly. Emphasize importance by using the Ulysses auto-posting for Facebook, which follows strict guidelines to minimize the chance of the post disappearing.

10. Be mindful of spelling mistakes

To be effective, you’ll need to remove spelling errors on your posts, but there’s a penalty for posting spelling and grammar mistakes. If the comment field recognizes your post and your words were incorrect, you will not be able to comment.

Do you have any tips and tricks for using social media? Please share in the comments below.

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