Learning How To Tell Time Online Practice Game

Sherry Esty and Katlin Bates time sink game taught how to tell time online.

Learning How To Tell Time Online Practice Game

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Summer 2018: My day starts with supervised playtime with my daughter. Our plan is to make her use an app, i.e. the type of apps that her parents allow or don’t allow. As a follow-up to this teaching, we will do some tasking that is remotely associated with learning. This tasking would involve reading the time of day on a range of places. She will quickly figure out how to tell time. Each time she gets home from her fun time she will read the current time and think ‘no, that’s when we should play.’ An example of her useful teaching skills would be to read the current time and ‘wait until my parents get home.’ This way, she gets to play while learning. She loves this game. Any time I get home she calls me. She is excited to hear her parents chatting!

Summer 2018: My 15 year old son just started school. This started with one phone call at home where I asked if he had any questions and whether he was having a good time.

Summer 2018: On that call I mentioned how glad I was to be a dad again. He asked how he would be doing too. It was very rare for our phone call to include a question like that. So we discussed his pre-start routine. ‘I’d be really glad for you and to find it easy and fun as always. Thanks again!’. My son is the biggest complainer on the planet. That’s why I made such a big deal out of saying that he is the most wonderful child. This was a perfect opportunity to reinforce this tone! He knows very well that if he is happy I am happy, and if I am happy, he is happy. He knows this by practice and the quality of my interactions with him. I said that this was one of his favourite things about not having ‘weekend me’. I felt that it was a great way to bring him the kind of sleepovers and activities that will prepare him to be a good student and not just a pretty face. I also talked about how important it is to have enough sleep. Of course, this had to happen for a good reason and he is doing a good job at this so far. He was less concerned about ‘school’ and more focused on getting ‘me’ in a way that is as easy as he can possibly do it.

Summer 2018: I had a 5 hour drive to Amherst to go to karate to renew my membership. I was late leaving for the class, so got home first to watch movies with my daughter and get my sleep (as always). I came home on time, but had to get myself and my daughter changed from a dark room to a bright living room to make it for a phone call. We used the phone to communicate, but didn’t really talk about the program. I returned home quickly and was late to classes. Before I went to class I said to my son: ‘I have no excuse for being late and I am sorry about that. I am sorry if we were late in any way and especially if I made you late but we will all be on time today.’ My son chuckled at my ability to say ‘sorry’ at this level of his calling!

Summer 2018: I was out for dinner with my daughter. I came home early to get changed and was able to have a chat with her before her normal activities. She was interested in video games and it was fun to play them on our phones.

Summer 2018: After I finished the busy shopping trip, my daughter came back to my house before me and I had a chat. As I said to her ‘I was late too but I have a good excuse’. She was sorry for being late and I guess I had to also be sorry for making her late. We then played on our phones before the phone call with her dad. She will go and have fun in her room for a couple of hours each evening.

Summer 2018: After she finished her part of the evening, I went to the dining room for dinner and once again was late arriving home. We couldn’t use the phones as we could not sit in the dining room. I said to her ‘Guess we had to finish the conversations we needed to have first’ and she agreed. I waited in the dining room after she played an evening game and came home later than usual.

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