Learning How To Stage Your Home Online Classes

Learn to stage your home online classes at a live, professional Google class which will teach you how to get the most out of your home online.

Light. Warm. Picturesque. As beautiful as the country itself. But really, all this doesn’t sound like enough? Wouldn’t you also want a pool and sprinklers? And even better, would you like the whole thing on Facebook live!? If you answered “yes” to any of those, then you are definitely one of the lucky few to have moved into a luxury vacation home. Yes, I’m talking about a residence you’ve come to love, a property you’ve set your heart on, it’s unisex bathroom, and the bed, well, it’s just one large bed.

Before you go kaput and blow your savings on a dream property, I’ve included some methods you can use to seriously spruce up your home so it can compete with the best of them online. Because, I know. Most of us see and experience everything on television, so why would we necessarily visit a venue that is supposed to be giving us an experience that we cannot experience in real life? Well, I hear you.

Not everyone’s idea of a dream home is massive luxury suites, glass ceilings, or infinity pools. If that’s what you’re into, go for it. But if you’re in the market for something different, like a contemporary ranch house or a bungalow that features wood throughout, follow these tips and make your dream home online.

Where To Begin:

Where do you begin? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. It only matters that you choose an appropriate start date. I personally started listing my interior styling website, The View Room when I was 30 years old.

Step 1: Assess Your Home

Whether you’re new to the business or over your head in debt, take a look at your own home. Is it in the best condition you could ask for? Is it how you envision it online? Once you have answered all these questions, let your planning begin.

Step 2: Post Your Pictures

A great tool for this is Pinterest. Pinterest is a simple way to showcase your own style and build a following. You can set up accounts with someone that is able to guide you through the process. This is also a great way to decide how much your home will need to be completely furnished.

Step 3: Highlight Your Interior Design

First and foremost, have a visual to show off your interior design ideas. Use colorful and unique pictures to tell the story of your unique design. But not just use empty pictures of furniture and wallpaper. Every piece should feel as if it’s part of the dream house that you’re trying to create.

Step 4: Feel The Room

I can’t think of anything more frustrating than something to decorate a room that just feels flimsy or uninviting. The next step is to be brave. Whether you are painting every wall and adding wallpaper on the ceiling or are just adding pieces of your personal decor, put on some old music. Feel the room as if you’re in it and go beyond the obvious.

Step 5: Propose A Plan

Now it’s time to make a plan of action. You can either go full blown DIY or simply hire someone to help you with all of your projects. Either way, have a solid plan in place.

Step 6: Start A Fan Base

Either way, you can influence your friend list by constantly offering them ideas. And you can use the social media platform to find potential clients or hire someone to do your job for you.

Step 7: Watch What Happens

Within a few days, you will find people sharing your updates, asking where you can get pictures of a certain feature, and even offering to help with your photoshoots. People really want to see your design work and have become a huge part of your business.

Step 8: Make Your House Viral

It doesn’t matter how large your home is if it doesn’t travel. So if you really want to spark any online buzz, upload images of your home on social media. Many people follow you now, so why not grow your following by sharing your photos from your own home?

Step 9: Shop!

Once you’ve amassed a fan base, go shopping for new products. It won’t only make your existing clients happy but it’ll also make you seem like a more expert interior designer.

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