Learning How To Speak In Arabic Online

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Learning How To Speak In Arabic Online

At the risk of sounding a little bit like if you had a gift for languages you could improve you speaking skills significantly in a day – you can learn Arabic online (legally). Learning Arabic via online learning is a fairly new way of learning something we all should know and a program that is growing with popularity.

What Are The Challenges With Learning Arabic Online?

The biggest challenge with learning to speak Arabic in a virtual way is mental. From the moment you can’t make your Arabic words sound right, right in front of you (cough, cough) you lose your confidence when trying to say and understand other people.

Luckily, even with my natural shyness, I was able to overcome my fearful behavior when it came to speaking Arabic online. A new Arabic language is completely different from English and most other languages, which comes as a shock to most people. There are too many words, ways of saying things and the vocabulary goes so deep.

So, here’s how I began learning Arabic online:

I got rid of what looked like a mess of personal videos in the Philippines and started with just basic email conversations. For the first month, I filled my collection of videos in just a few different languages (English, Spanish, Tagalog, Samoan) and moved on to learn more.

I wish I had started learning Arabic using an online course, but I don’t. This one was a brand new idea that was quite creative and a bit special. After a short learning period, I moved on to experiencing the offline Dubai Touro (Arabic language workshop). This was the real deal! The people were welcoming and direct with any questions or feedback that I needed to ask. The instructor leading the workshop was very experienced and highly effective. They took care of the needs of the individual while providing the focus that I needed to gain confidence. I have been learning online Arabic since I was 20 years old and my confidence in this language has grown ten-fold.

Do I Really Know Arabic?

Sometimes people ask me to try to interpret what is being said or meaning is being conveyed. They ask me to “help,” they want my expertise, they ask me to give “helpful hints.” My first impression of this question is that this person is thinking of me as an expert and they don’t want to learn any more of my knowledge. But I have learned Arabic so quickly that I can answer any questions they have or reach the answer they are looking for very quickly. Because I know I can respond well to any question, I don’t use that “helpful hint” when no one is looking.

So, I figured my language skills are so great that I could understand what is being said to me and why. No one has asked me to “help.” So, this reporter went to a specific class with me at the school and she asked the instructor the following questions. I paraphrase, but at a basic level:

7. Who is your landlord?

As a Syrian I know the different regional dialects, which means I understand different dialects in a foreign language faster than most Arabic speakers in the UAE.

4. How long will it take me to learn Arabic?

5. If I were trying to learn Arabic online would I do it (answer most of the questions above)?

So, my answer to each question is:

1. It takes a little while to learn (but then there are times that I might forget some things), but it’s a learning experience (there are always first-time mistakes, which is more like a process to overcome).

2. Every question is answered in the copy of the Arabic file and I have a whole recorder of oral communications (which my friend can listen to and explain to me what I need to know).

3. At this point I don’t know if I will ever be able to speak Arabic with all the different dialects and cultural languages that are spoken. This is a topic for another time.

4. When should I be used to speaking English but using Arabic with others (because I know I will never

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