Learning How To Sell Things Online

Building online sales muscle isn’t an easy task, but it’s a skill the digital natives should get to know.

According to a new survey by online survey platform leadingquestion.com, online consumer behavior can be further dissected into six basic visual and emotional categories that shoppers fall into.

The survey also revealed that:

Only 43% of consumers who view themselves as “shopping experts” or “experts” (out of a group of a half dozen) buy anything other than what they researched online first.

The consumer who first buys over the internet is more likely to buy for someone else than for themselves.

The average consumer will research more than five products prior to buying anything.

The research done prior to purchasing product is likely to be on a product in their specific interest area (instead of something they don’t have) than on a more general category.

So, this week’s column will look at some types of products that represent the bottom half of this genre:

Carry-on Cabinets and Accessories for Restaurants

Most of us first buy good-looking cabinetry that looks really nice to save time. But we then either don’t use it or just decide we don’t like it.

I like quality. I’m far from a perfectionist. I simply want to pick a product that looks good and feels right before I buy it.

Clutter is everywhere. Start your search for any product and you’ll see it all over. Don’t let your search be blocked by items you think you really don’t need. If it’s convenient and doesn’t look like a mess, you’re not really getting value for your money.

I’m moving to coastal California soon. Buy me sturdy side tables and card tables that I can afford to buy now that I’m nervous I’ll someday need something that I can only pick up at the curb.

I have stacks of dining room furniture sitting in my closet. If they were there, they wouldn’t be there. Go ahead and pass by the set you saw me through and try it on. See the price. If it’s to much, you don’t need it. Go back to my pile and pull up another one.

I’m coming to the end of a remodeling project, but I still have way too much stuff. If you come across something interesting you want to keep but can’t figure out what you want to buy for it, I’d rather see you as your final treasure.

That’s the type of item my wife and I sell off my home shelves. We find things there that are too expensive to keep or just plain ugly to live with. We sell them on sites like Craig’s List, eBay and GottaHave. Our customers are all remodelers, doctors, lawyers and anyone who has ever lived in a large, empty home and needed to declutter it. We fill the current space with items that make up functional and beautiful furnishings. We get to keep $30 on each one.

Bathroom Remodeling: Beds, Sheets, Fixtures and a Fixture Kit

I don’t like seeing my tub or bathroom remodeled. But I’m proud of it. I’m shocked when I hear other people’s comments about their remodels. I hear things like “Wow, this bathroom looks so much nicer” and “They used the whole bathroom in this way”… after they left it the day they saw it. I’m sad when people see the wrong finish on the wrong panel or the wrong new position for a fixture. There’s no need to feel that way, but it’s even worse when people simply laugh at the cost of this work.

I don’t always buy at the retail store, but I occasionally shop online and keep those exceptions in mind when buying anything more than two months out. I keep a separate folder where I hold things that are in any kind of bad condition or really overpriced. They have to be placed in a bin.

Luxury Hardware

Woodwork is often paired with expensive lighting fixtures and other fixtures that are generally not necessary. I search for and buy inexpensive chains at regular outlets for my bathrooms, kitchens and retail stores.

This idea is broken down into a category of furniture that’s both stylish and functional (i.e. the hardest object to get) and ones that are neither.

Hand Warmers

We all know about them. I can often be found with my hand warmers around my neck or around my head whenever we’re out and about. What could go wrong? Well, when you�

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