Learning How To Sell Art Online And Make Money

Lifehacker teaches users how to promote your art online. Learn how to make money through your artwork.

Learning How To Sell Art Online And Make Money

Women In Art has discovered an important art business skills called selling online.

Women In Art and The Beyhive have all become acquainted with the dreamy art-filled bedrooms and garages of the rap star Beyoncé. What that spells is the ability to successfully sell paintings online. Most importantly, their millions of fans know her powerful look of contemplation, her lighting a portrait flame to draw inspiration, as a character of femininity that she has mastered. And, they may want to try to remember their favorite sales pitch and original sales claim: “You’re gonna love my art.”

Beyoncé hasn’t always had her enviable skills of selling on the internet. Indeed, she first had to go door-to-door with a piece of her artwork and there are plenty of people who know she was once a struggling artist. And now she is one of the most famous women in the world. She has been an inspiration for many people.

To do the same things as Beyoncé, both in terms of being a successful and effective online artist and art-salesperson, is to be gifted with patience and a deep appreciation for culture. They are to give love to a space that is conducive to giving love, as well as building a scalable supply of creative goods and services, which is to help people discover and experience it themselves. For instance, I learned the value of patience, to keep your pace brisk but never rush. A playlist from my iTunes that I make every week for clients has to be synchronized with my schedule because it can tell my body when I should eat and sleep so that I can create the art that I desire. When I started trading paintings on the portal Etsy, I needed to remember that most clients do not have schedules like I do. Their clocks are always ticking, as well as their emotions. I didn’t want my work to get in the way of my investors or my clients’ time. And so I taught myself the art of patience while watching online videos.

Not surprisingly, my favorite online art-salesperson sales pitch is always, “You’re gonna love my art” by Paris Jackson. To me, Jackson is able to be, as Beyoncé has said, a woman without being “driven by appearance.” Moreover, I can identify with the challenge of that character in my eyes – that work, as time passes, fades with the beauty of age. Because this character of Jackson’s represents the demise of an originality that has left a woman without the influence of a singular story. Here is where my patience comes in.

This losing of originality brings with it a diminishment of mind. Yet, as a business savvy and tough-minded creative, I know the appeal of finding originality in every life moment. My feeling about this goes back to my undergraduate studies. Throughout the course of my studies in London, I was informed by famous thinkers, many of whom were women, about the value of longevity in art. I learned the value of always looking for new forms of expression that could reveal new, innovative ways of making art and designing our world. For example, I read about Charlotte Bronte, who started composing a narrative through the transformational experience of watching her mother recede, and artist Georgia O’Keeffe, who emigrated to California in the 1920s and publicly articulated that her art, and ultimately herself, was an expression of how she had faced this critical time in her life.

Through this literary landscape of arts that makes an academic and knowledge-sharing career so important to our understanding of the world, I chose to pursue a career as an artist. Since then, I have taught, had a studio in Philly, and have had the great fortune of collaborating with and getting to know so many artists and academics who help shape my art in this most loving way – as a critical moment that holds lessons for all of us. And these moments constitute my art. Most people think that sharing art is the hardest thing to do, but it’s the most rewarding.

Below is a powerful video of me teaching a basic “selling online” class that explains how I teach and sell our kind of art.

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