Learning How To Repair Grand Father Clock Free Online

As this old friend slowly dies, you really want to know what to do with his damaged clock. You need a clock-repair service, but what if Grandfather is dead and you can’t spend time with him?

Learning How To Repair Grand Father Clock Free Online

Ever wanted to make yourself and Grandfather Clock at home? It takes a bit of patience, but maybe it’s worth it, not only for the memories, but to get your dad off the internet. Step One, Learning How To Repair Grandfather Clock Free Online

Get the clock back to its former glory, and most importantly, your grandfather.

With quite a bit of patience, you can repair Grandfather Clock free online. It’s possible to be repaired in a span of 20 to 30 minutes.

But please, understand how hard the repair is. It’s important that the clock is properly aligned. If not, your repair might get a little nicked along the way.

Because of that, it takes some time to research how to fix Grandfather Clock. This can be tedious as well as painful.

Maybe it’s because of that pain, but a search through online forums is very helpful. You might even need a friend with some knowledge on clock repairs. Or maybe it’s just because your grandpa forgot to clean the clock’s clock face in the summer heat.

Grandfather Clock Replacement Kit

Getting your grandfather Grandfather Clock back to its former glory won’t be cheap. Luckily, a replacement kit can be found online.

It’s enough to replace all of Grandfather Clock and you can grab one off of Amazon.

Here’s what you get in your Grandfather Clock replacement kit:

The clock replacement kit is fitted with all needed parts. There are also hammers to fit through the cracks in the clock face.

On top of that, the kit comes with a new clock circuit panel, lock, batteries, and pins.

First, start off by cleaning Grandfather Clock’s clock face.

Take off the face of the clock by removing any clear covers and sheets. Check for any broken stones that might be under there as well.

Then, go through the clock face and clean all of the grooves to prevent them from creaking when you hit a snooze button.

Pull down and make sure to pull out the arm protruding under the clock face. In most cases, this arm is attached to a screw.

Remove the hole, clear any remaining dust, and inspect the area carefully. There could be a small crack under the dust that might block the door. Make sure to clean the hole and pull out the screws.

While this is happening, you should also unscrew the jaw of the clock and put it back on. Then, remove the clock from its base and carefully put it into its new wooden box.

Now that Grandfather Clock is back to its original shape, it’s ready to be placed in its new home.

Keeping The Clock Power Source Alive

You need to get the clock power source activated before you can put it back in its new housing.

Before this, you should disconnect and detach the small breaker from the clock body.

Take a screwdriver and unscrew two screws that hold the clock face in place. After that, remove the screw and replace it. Next, detach the exterior pieces of the clock face. Pull the neck up and remove one circuit panel with the screw on it.

Finally, take a screwdriver and remove one circuit panel from the new circuit board.

Plug the new circuit board into the power supply to the clock and get Grandfather Clock started.

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