Learning How To Read Free Online

Once upon a time, online piracy was a real thing. Yes, it’s still around.

Learning How To Read Free Online

Tech companies are one of the brightest spots in a decimated economy; as millennials become financiers and less and less they are going online to do it.

Millennials want to take control of their lives by discovering all they can from their computers. At the same time, many cannot afford a home or a car anymore.

It doesn’t have to be so hard to make a car. One can buy it online. Free. And you won’t need to own it.

If you are on a good college campus, a wizened institution’s library is chock full of accessible free books—anyone can access them right to their computer. There are thousands of free college textbooks for sale online. Yes, that means that on one site, you can buy tons of little 2-for-1 and $1-per-page books that are mostly 20 year old.

But what about the most expensive books that students have to buy in the librarian’s office? And there are plenty of them. How do you check them out and read them online?

Learning To Read Free Online

Of course, one can always just rely on the printed page. It’s still there. If your family computer is on an older computer (or you have an old laptop), you can download a free, on-going tutorial called “BrainyDraw.”

But that’s usually not possible with older laptops. At which point what should you do?

Neuroscience textbooks, articles and articles about neuroscience are available online. When you read it on the web, you can easily remove a JPEG from its protective case, and even from your computer.

Consider this: your basic source of information about neurocognitive science like dopamine, advertising, and other things like reading “Neurotic Thoughts” by Marshall McLuhan. You will find it on the web.

For you who used to have that book in your home library, you may experience a slight tap on the shoulder and start to panic.

But fret not. Free BrainyDraw is not the amount of “Memory Areca Beach” you’ll have to read. It’s just a series of 60 short, accessible videos: 10 to 30 seconds each with experiments and methods for meditation, yoga, and cognitive neuroscience. You will watch it at your leisure, right away. Of course, you will need to start following this site’s methods but after you watch them a few times, you will be fluent.

Carry on with your day. When you’re satisfied, you may view further sample videos or visit your local library to check out the free books. If you take one or two of the articles from here, they are automatically free in the library once you receive your library card.

Working With Hard Books

If you are old enough to have had the pleasure of self-publishing or are an attorney who sells books online, I may have a valuable addition for you. I set up a “freedophonny.com” account with Barnes & Noble and the books in there are available to read directly from your computer. It’s far easier than scanning books off my bookshelf.

If you are looking for a little longer reading material, you can now login to p.ednst.com and get the books in here. From here, there is no longer a big dance to be done.

It’s a good online clearinghouse for free reference books and math questions. I have a large collection with questions. You can view them online and you can check them out by name. And you can check a lot for free (with a subscription to my site).

The Holiday Season is Almost Here

The Internet is a great gift. Everybody knows that. But how do you choose among the freebies?

How do you choose what to give? Is it a great new book? A note on your computer from grandma saying she loves you? Or is it your hard-earned cash?

This is the best time to tell. You should understand that most of the free things from the internet are through advertising. That is why you get them free.

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