Learning How To Read For Adults Online Free

We’ve written the syllabus for iConnotes.com Adult Literacy Online.

Use Online Reading At Work To Improve Your Clinical Skills.

Anyone who’s ever faced hard tasks and what they feel are impossible milestones at work knows what it’s like to lose your mind, argue with your colleagues, get overly-stressed and try to force your mind to work better (assuming you have one in the first place).

As a clinical psychologist and emergency doctor, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about developing healthy coping skills, specifically when it comes to interactions at work, at school and in other environments where something goes awry. So I was quite excited to find online free reading on all of these areas.

As a consultant with companies like BNY Mellon, Goldman Sachs and Mayfield Fund, I find that, in my work, I may encounter awkward situations, feelings of fear and helplessness, unmet emotional needs and anxiety…all of which is amplified when I’m at home. At my work, people have been able to help me manage and deal with some of these issues by being understanding and supportive. At home, I often run into these challenges and have to figure out how to best handle them for myself, even if the problem seems insurmountable.

That’s why I was excited when I found a series of articles on two topics I’m often asked to discuss with my consulting clients—how to respond to workplace anxiety and how to negotiate with difficult clients—in a free online program called How To Read, See, & Talk At Work. It’s part of a series of psychology resources from Moodworks, a privately held company that works with hundreds of organizations (from the CIA to Marriott) to make emotional intelligence more accessible in the workplace.

The idea of How To Read, See, & Talk At Work is to teach common workplace skills, particularly skills you can learn yourself, and get them out of the context of a lecture or seminar, and into your daily life.

Online learning at Moodworks allows you to be virtually anywhere in the world—you can even work on it while in bed, in your car, or anywhere else that works for you.

It’s simple—teach yourself how to respond to these tough situations and to negotiate with difficult clients. And the resources are free, all while improving the tools you use to find answers and deal with triggers.

These free reading resources are not some deep dive research; instead, they’re short read exercises that talk you through how to use basic cognitive skills, “attributes of (and to) someone working at a workplace.” Just like some of the resources you’ll find in your local library, these resources don’t take a long time to learn.

There are no formal exercises or vocabulary words. They teach you to negotiate, to react to dangerous situations, to set boundaries and to listen. They do so in a way that’s surprisingly readable, engaging and easy to follow.

Ana-Lympia Velazquez, neuroscientist, therapist and founder of Moodworks, says, “There is no formula for overcoming workplace anxiety, the same is true of any challenges in life. For individuals, there is no silver bullet, there are no perfect answers. Nonetheless, the goal of these experiences—a series of behaviors and conversations—is to help individuals prioritize and adapt so that they can take control of their own lives.”

There are no formal exercises or vocabulary words. These activities teach you to be assertive in difficult situations, to manage how you react to (and work with) stressful things in your life. They show you how to respond positively and how to be the person you want to be. They’re an excellent resource for anybody who’s trying to be more successful in the workplace. And even more importantly, they give you the tools to do so.

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