Learning How To Read Code Now Online

There is going to be more that will be coding written in the near future with new options to learn.

As more and more people become science and technology literate, these are the skills that will help guide their career and children into the future.

With coding becoming more and more of a focus, it will mean that teaching coding is becoming more and more required as well.

In a recent study conducted by the Department of Education, it was revealed that 7 out of 10 2nd graders are unable to code in a game-based construct. This is a difficult task when you consider coding the central pre-requisite for career paths in many fields.

As the next generation takes their place in society, it will require the literacy of coding as it is used across multiple life stages. Recently I covered a few ideas to start that journey, some of which led to some very interesting discussion among some of my colleagues on LinkedIn.

What caught my attention, though, was the number of not just stories on Google News from one company, but from multiple different businesses who were looking to make their products more available through the Internet. Take, for example, this story from Amazon.

No matter the retail store associated with it, Amazon has no problem expanding its reach by adding more products. A good example is the news that Amazon’s Alexa will soon be able to automatically set timers in living rooms using an internet connection.

The company was faced with making these options come to fruition with no need to manually add them back in if the users were to change their preference. The process was tedious and not fun, forcing this to be considered.

What I believe is interesting in this is that the availability of Amazon for the consumer is changing how they buy. What I will not see as a concern is other major retailers kicking off a similar service.

What will be interesting to watch is if this helps the growth of the product overall. One piece of evidence suggests Amazon is building a certain number of skills to reach this reach, so it isn’t an exercise in hope. But to see it unfold, I would need to see Amazon build out a massive library of features to trigger usage over time, if not in a variety of other products, too.

The important part here is that each trend of technology is coming together. This is what we discussed earlier. Unless we see technological influencers decide to push boundaries on this, what I would hope for is that we see the benefits to the consumer in expanding access to stuff on demand. Technology has the power to make this possible and it’s the whole purpose of having a digital switchboard and providing websites that lead to one thing through two clicks.

Here’s an example from a store that has become digital, which is great to see.

One such idea was a chance to buy some umbrellas at an indoor destination. My response of course is that it should allow people to buy umbrellas at Amazon. The showroom can act as an extension of Amazon.com, where they can actually buy.

It works in other areas as well. Google lets people buy a book off of its platform, for example.

Does this action raise new issues to talk about, like protecting the ecosystem that is made up with people, things, and how they are going to be treated? While that is an important conversation, as it pertains to a corporation, this is something you want to see spread in other areas.

Here’s what I really want to see…

We have a new generation of people with the maturity and need to learn how to use the technology that is available to them. The question here is how can we make that easier to do.

Companies like Amazon and Apple are giving the world access to the power of a digital switchboard. Who will meet the increased demand of this stuff in the the form of applications, games, and physical retail play to offer this stuff to those who are more tech savvy than most?

I look for the beginning of a conversation as I try to help create a new generation of knowledge and skills. As I mentioned earlier, I think the growth of artificial intelligence will start to flip a switch within that capability as we enter new growth areas of the economy.

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