Learning How To Program Online

The author explains how to learn HTML, CSS, and JS in just 30 days, which is certainly enough time to learn how to code.

Learning something new is never easy — whether it’s changing an entirely new language or learning a new computer programming language. In fact, the dreaded “but…” just about always immediately follows whatever you’re learning for the first time. Be it the ins and outs of music theory, cooking, or creating a creative graphic — most subjects are pretty helpful in developing new skills. However, it’s not necessarily easy knowing how to make those new skills perfect without falling back on a practice manual.

Fortunately, this is something that’s always changing, whether you’re learning a new language, programming languages, or any other electronic subject. Your first step toward the mastery of a new project is knowing how to build and use it. If you want to do this online, all you need is the resources for the job.

Let us take a look at four very top online resources for learning programming languages.

Hello College

Besides working with many of the top coding tools around, Hello College also covers many specific computer programming areas, such as optimizing game engines and programming statistics. Many of the learning paths here are one of a kind, such as developing better JavaScript through scratch development or teaching your child a new programming language through the Hello Colleges online labs.

This site also serves as a teaching portal for children as young as six years old. From 8-12 years old, all of the ed-tech universities available on the site provide education for one or more subjects. You’ll be able to see the final projects these children created while gaining practical programming experience.

Amazon Underground

One of the top global online tutorials, Amazon Underground is an online coding community dedicated to teaching programming to adults. It also creates a regular newsletter to go along with its many community content topics. Because of this, you will eventually learn a lot more than just programming skills here. Many of the tutorials even start out teaching better grammar and sentence structures.

They create interactive virtual environments that allow you to do everything from programming, creating a diverse array of games, to building inter-operable layouts. Amazon Underground is also pretty popular with educators and admins of traditional programming schools, so it has definitely got great end results for beginners.

Learn Code

If you’re really going to dive in and learn an entire programming language, learn Code by Lerner Innovations (think Matrix), which is the richest code-writing library available online. This site covers coding for Java, JavaScript, and C++, among other systems. Since this is a developer-friendly site, you’ll definitely get your hands dirty while learning.

As a bonus, here you can also find 5 pro scripts to try out (although most of them are available free of charge). Though, in this case, the tasks listed might be valuable knowledge for any aspiring developer, especially women.

Learn Where You Have Misplaced

One of the best resources you can find for learning online, Learn Where You Have Misplaced covers a wide range of topics, such as Ruby on Rails, C++, Go, Python, PHP, and Ruby, among others. It even has an online library of free courses that go beyond its monthly theme, covering such subjects as programming technique development, and Coding for Robots.

Though this is a just general and generalized overview of several web sites, the goal of many of the projects is to give you a good knowledge base for picking things up as you go along, where you might have forgotten how to do them.


As a good example, the ultimate goal here is actually to create a set of projects that can still be used after you’ve completed the code. So, learning to build games and robot robots might lead to new ideas for other projects in the future. While there are definitely going to be some basic tools to work with, there are definitely many resources you can use to make these skills turn into something greater.

In conclusion, those considering making programming skills a reality should check out online resources such as these, and continue to stay active and never lose sight of the end goal.

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