Learning How To Play The Piano Online Free

Music Lessons for kids: Learn to play the piano online for free.

The piano can be a very exciting toy. Learning to play one, though, can be a challenge. While there are a host of online resources to help beginners get started, some of the best ways to learn can be found within the classical music curriculum.

Music teachers, for example, must first be intimately familiar with the skills required for playing. After all, they must anticipate challenges and be able to adapt their lessons to a variety of student levels and abilities. That’s why music teachers choose to teach to a highly custom-tailored curriculum. The Bach Choir of Bethlehem, for example, creates instruction that’s tailored to a wide range of students’ musical abilities, from beginners to advanced players.

With the guidance of your Bach Choir teacher, you can learn basic skills that will allow you to improve your playing skills. What’s more, the Bach Choir provides lessons that help you perfect everything from opening songs to Schubert’s Don Quixote Overture. Once you’ve mastered these skills, you can further your classical skills through personal coaching, composing masterpieces with your piano partner, and sharing your passion for classical music with others.

Here are a few of the most recommended resources to learn the piano. This list will be helpful for those who don’t already know how to play the piano.


You may recognize Grammy.com for the platinum-certified Facebook documentary “Play For Joy,” which showcases a detailed study on the correct way to perform classical piano and the wider understanding of the grand piano. Yet, if you’re more interested in playing a little classical (or jazz) yourself, then this website can be a comprehensive resource. Grammy.com’s manuals guide you through the basics of playing the piano, with PDFs that walk you through the most critical aspects of how to properly play the piano. The reviews on this website are mixed, with some saying it’s more of a teaching resource than a full-service encyclopedia.

So what’s the problem with Grammys.com? Great question. Here’s one of the best things about it: You can actually play the piano. Can you really learn the piano by sitting down at a piano and trying it out? Of course not, that would be pretty much impossible. However, you can simply take steps to begin learning the piano by using this website as a framework for teaching yourself.

Karin Haines Piano Lessons

Another site, that may very well be more of a classroom than a website, is KARP. This site is all about technique, technical skills, and technique. It’s a teacher-centered site, designed with teachers and pianists in mind. KARP takes a unique approach that puts the emphasis on the ability to shape sounds. With such strong emphasis on technique, you’ll only be able to practice consistently if you can develop skills in a controlled environment, such as your home or a schoolroom. KARP offers lessons for every level of talent, from beginners to advanced players.

Also check out the Instructables Piano Method, which will give you instructional tutorials on everything from starting a lesson to working as a duo.


AllMusic is the top online resource for access to the best classical music teachers, though it comes with its own unique value proposition. Listeners are guaranteed that their classical music teacher will receive personalized attention and that the time they spend with them won’t be wasted. AllMusic claims to bring the best of both worlds: the personalized coaching of classical music teachers, and the ease of access to the world’s biggest classical music library. AllMusic’s huge collection comes at a reasonable price, which means you’ll be able to access some of the best classical music teachers in the world, all for a fraction of the cost.

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