Learning How To Play Chess Online For Free

We all know how to play chess. No, we’re not talking grandmaster.

Happy First Casual Wednesday! As most of us know, holidays are stressful. They’re stressful because everyone is celebrating at once, which equals awkward smiles and lies and at least two people pretending not to know each other. And when you’re preoccupied with coworkers and others, it’s easier to stay on task when you don’t have other people’s playing attention focused on you.

But this is a tricky one. Given the focus of family over the holidays — or the focus of work over the holidays — it’s more important than ever to stay organized and organized when it comes to competing tasks. So how do you commit to working on something you love but you have no other audience to watch you work on it?

Well, learning chess is one good bet! This very-ideal-for-the-holiday-season activity, you’ll find, is something anyone can play. It’s also something that you can learn the basics of without spending a lot of money, without waiting to see your colleagues buy you expensive gifts, and without relying on your boss. All you really need to spend your time and energy are a few books, a computer and a lot of time. Here are the 10 books you’ll find to guide you.

The Master of Chess, by H.J. Lyons

Many famous players have been dubbed chessmasters — chess players who dominate chess competitions. The Master of Chess, by H.J. Lyons, is a fascinating history of the very earliest European chess competitions. Young men with small bodies and small brains would travel to the top of mountainsides to compete in tournaments that were essential to creating skills necessary for life in later years. Lyons’ detailed knowledge and expertise in this fascinating world makes this an essential and fascinating read.

Why Can’t I Play Chess Online? Answers, by Jonathan Belke

We all hate to admit to playing games online, but it happens all the time. The problem is that some of the online games are played in casinos. Either you know all the rules, which makes it a little awkward and painful to play, or you don’t know the rules at all and can wind up losing all your money. Chances are, you’re getting the latter. This ebook can be your secret weapon. It provides all the rules, not just the ones that apply to casinos.

Buccellati: The Hypnotist, the Box, and the Slutty Lady, by John Dubé

This is a nice piece of holiday reading for people who like to do a lot of work at home. You’ll see that John Dubé will work a little magic. The guy invented the extremely popular sound-inspiring card (WSOP) that is an advertisement to TV and radio stations and casinos. (I got to play it.) Dubé is also a skilled illusionist and you will come to learn that that he plays cards, too.

A Woman of Steel, by Linda Melle

All of us know that a woman can have it all — a husband, kids, a job, and her own hobbies and passions, too. But we need books that will prove to us that a woman can do all of these things with ease, starting with using her brain and her body. That’s where Linda Melle comes in. The author is amazing at describing amazing men — think Phil Collins, Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson, and Peyton Manning — but also incredible women. Her humanity shines through, and there’s so much inspiration for us girls!

Chess Interwar, by James Hendley

Unfortunately, war is the name of the game in most of the history books that we learn. In this deeply researched book, you’ll find out how the mighty United States won World War I and all it meant to a nation. Also, you’ll discover all the fascinating secrets of the world chess movement, including the Great Powers, and the 20th-century chess events that helped shape history.

In case you missed the fact that the holiday season is upon us, please check out our last installment in this continuing series, in which Maryanne gives you details on the various ways you can earn money this holiday season.

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