Learning How To Multiply Online

For many online learners, the “triple pipe” for taking classes can be daunting. We talk to teacher Ethel Speight to find out how she manages to have so many students.

We’ve all taken a class with a video lesson. The teacher waxes lyrical about one specific example of a topic or technique. He keeps you interested in learning and watches you from the seat. You’re mesmerized by the a-la-carte lessons that you can delve into on your own. You’re eagerly awaiting the final product because you’ve heard the great teachers say that anyone can teach. You’ve heard about online learning programs that fly under the radar, encourage education for a myriad of purposes, and they aren’t free!

Although learning that same type of video lesson is overwhelming and often intimidating to folks, it’s a mighty good investment. Everything starts with a tool in your own hands—and that tool just so happens to be your smartphone. All you need to do is find it. Now that your there, you’ll have to be smarter than anyone about how to get the most out of the time that you’re spending online, you’ll want to know what to do to turn that learning into more and pay as little attention to the actual content as possible.

When you’re on a new course, don’t just go alone because the teacher might not speak the language. There are different classes out there online that don’t all lead to a rewarding learning experience. You’ll want to find your own community on a course like that, or one with a higher degree of notoriety, before starting your course. Don’t be the one who didn’t know what was coming.

You’ll also want to be able to take notes, then have a set of bookmarks for later. You can’t just leave notes on a digital teaching tool, because that’s in the user’s hands. At least you can Google it, and that’s much better than leaving it on the screen.

Most of all, be careful when you get the lesson you’re expecting. If you take a lesson that’s geared to video, and then you take it apart and then finish your semester with a short text lesson with sentences and paragraphs that aren’t intended to be pushed back against that very same video, you’re going to be disappointed in what you put into your mind-boggling exam test.

If you opt for a course focused on course assignments, don’t expect the instructor to provide the solutions to your assignments. There are several different courses that are designed to drop out of class and provide you with assignments. One is working up a petition that you can deliver to your professors or grant sponsors. Another is better you can teach yourself about the terms and concepts that were taught to you to lead you to truth and insight. Don’t just turn in your classwork with assignments that you can understand and submit them without any meaningful challenge or homework or supplemental readings. You’ll also get in trouble and be labeled a disorganized student if you think that’s what they’re after. You’ll also experience frustration with that student if they refuse to listen to your persistent feedback, and that’s not on to work with.

Today’s students expect an extra level of online learning as compared to high school. High school tests are ridiculous, and we’re taking exams that take all semester to complete. Colleges have to fix that! You also have the financial responsibility to pay for the paper and pen grades to make sure that you graduate on time, but again, there’s not enough money in the world to make that issue completely go away.

The most cost-effective way to accomplish this and get ahead is to take online courses focused on personal growth, community involvement, and serious content. My family enrolled in a free online series that focused on making myself a better person. By the end of the course, I had made educated choices and growth of all types in my life.

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