Learning How To Hack Online Lessons

Even with so many educational and entertainment options, kids have a hard time learning about what they’re actually learning. The good news is that the web is bringing old concepts and skills into fresh perspectives.

Learning How To Hack Online Lessons

Building the Perfect Hack — For Yourself

Our self-esteem is built from the inside out and can only be bolstered by acts of self-respect. These acts often begin as small projects that a person can master with little effort. A vase painted on a good plywood board, a good foot-stool, a talented set of tacks— these are mere tools used to improve our own quality of life.

The same can be said of computer programming. A developer/programmer with a solid number of programming skills has the ability to accomplish tasks and technical feats, that would take an experienced “big shot” developer hours to accomplish. An individual with fewer skills that would take more than a couple of years of intense training would fail miserably.

Everyone needs to learn to code or program or whatever the case may be, so that each one of us can improve our quality of life, strive to improve our professional reputation and create new skills that will benefit us in the future.

You don’t need to feel lonely or isolated at the moment. We can all benefit from learning how to learn. There are numerous resources that can help you discover what programming is all about and how you can obtain some foundation coding knowledge. If you don’t feel comfortable with the concept, let me show you how to “hack” what we have.

Pick your cyber playlist: By default the Spotify music application will present your music collection to you. When you start coding, it gives you a Facebook login as well. I have used the free version of Spotify (I recommend paying $4.99/month) to be able to download more than 15,000 songs. What you may find interesting is the tools and resources from Spotify on GitHub. I personally enjoy the Tweem Music Playlist. As a matter of fact, I use it all the time!

Capture Open-Source Code: Before I fully started working on my learning experience, I enlisted the help of code-savvy friends. What I did is I contacted one of my classmates from the Silk Road open-source course (approved by MIT). He was also enrolled in the MIT open-source course, so he was very good at helping me out. When I asked him for the least time-consuming project on GitHub, he told me, “..learning The Slow Mouse Image Editor..” I was fascinated with this idea so I started working on this project with the newestest version of the two-page cross-site proxy, Puppet Forge. The web-development language is known for its flexibility, which makes it an appealing option for coders.

Start with a Java Script: The latest version of the Java Script (JS) is called vWindows PPCScript. It is essentially like any other Java Script by allowing changes to be made from 1 byte to 1 byte in an order they want. This gives the programmer the option to speed up or slow down the process, whatever may be needed at that time.

Pick your Linux Operating System: I have another friend that is a Linux fan. He told me he loves the operational methods that the Linux Operating System has to offer. As a matter of fact, I’ve even used Linux in my own business to make things happen faster and more efficiently.

Free Training: The concept of self-esteem has a great deal to do with the type of training you’re going to get from learning. After all, the more resources you have, the more opportunities you have for success. If you’re unsure about computer coding skills or would like to learn more about hacker-networking or hacking into an online program, get some free help by viewing training videos posted by Torke on YouTube. He is a strong advocate of free training, as well as the concept of “hackschool”. Torke has joined a partnership with Students for Liberty, a network of students across the U.S. who have combined to create an online community based on hacking. Torke enjoys helping others with their learning experiences and expressed his appreciation for Torke’s compassion.

Stop Looking On The Outside In: We can expect success to come from increasing our capability, regardless of whether we are doing it on our own, collaboratively or with others. Most importantly, we must look on the inside first; that is where most of our success will come from.

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