Learning How To Hack Online Lessons

Learning to hack the online learning landscape can be a challenging task.

Learning How To Hack Online Lessons

At the World Series of Poker Player Expo in Las Vegas last weekend, I had the opportunity to see hundreds of us participate in online-only lessons created by my firm, PoweredbyPoker.com. We hit some of the world’s most prestigious casinos, and built-in survey questions allowed for unprecedented information to be collected.

We got invited on stage after months of taking part in online lessons of other brands, and it all culminated in the most exciting class I have been in since we have launched seven months ago.

The highlight, and what hopefully you will look back on fondly, was our first day on stage on Sunday. The event featured a whole bunch of not-so-hot hands. From a harmless chance of blinds bouncing to a coveted one-handed contract, I didn’t even know what to expect for the first few hours.

We kicked off the day in the South Penthouse at Caesars Palace – a casino which does not show any ads, and has the opportunity to interact with VIPs and major players in gaming. Naturally, it turns out that most of those attending are also rather high-profiles.

A few of the more well-known players came to the event, like Tony Jee and Emerson, and part of the point of the day was to answer questions from those famous names and veterans. These were the players who had been most frequenting our online Lessons site in the early days, and those who we learned an awful lot from.

The highlight of the day came when our big name to play in the simulated AaA card game came out and walked onto the stage. Incoming tournaments director J.B. Cox (whose nickname is T-Bag) had to introduce this player and the first thing he said was, “I have never read the book, and probably never will, but I did attend Harvard and Stanford law school, and I’ve actually been writing this for five years now.”

Tony Jee had a massive chip lead after the two-hour event. Upon reaching his end, Jee took us all down on two flush hand pots, one with A7flop and another with A7jx. The second pot caused a big, loud commotion from the second you walked into the room. As one of my players found out, you must learn some tricks of the trade before you can compete.

While Tony Jee didn’t make it to the final table, our team and I learned that a lot of what we did worked, and that we had a special expertise that these players just simply did not have. One of the biggest of these was building player profiles and uploading them to our platform. Some of the world’s top players – Jason Iott, Mike Egber, Jee, and Ben Melhem – have all made major contributions to our project and player archive.

We did not come to the World Series of Poker for fun. We came to learn and work. On the last day of the event, a guy named Wex, who was already within the top 10 in the AaA and Baccarat tournaments, showed up to play. Had he won, he would have been a $1 million player, with a website founded for him in the meantime. Instead, Wex had to go home empty-handed.

In the end, I felt like this was the biggest win of the tournament. After years of effort, by many amazing players, to build a sustainable platform – this was where we got our chance to prove that our model is the future. Winning wasn’t easy, but I am proud of the work we did and the progress we have made.

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