Learning How To Grind In Black Desert Online

If you have ever played a game of whiskey-ish Pong where you use chopsticks to move the ball at dizzying speeds and abandon the idea of horseplay, Black Desert Online feels like the novel-length summation of all the human whooshing and honking that has been known to fill up the lives of game design veterans. The title essentially describes the ultimate multi-player futuristic multiplayer underground battle at your fingertips.

Leading up to the launch of Dread Central’s new Youtube channel, we promised a weekly blog post. That’s the reason for this weekly EP (which will remain at Dread Central’s Youtube channel). Each Monday we will provide not only a recap, but also a few pointers as to how to grind in some of today’s most exciting games.

There is no question that black desert is ready for the world to see.

Many may ask why this has only recently been announced, we are glad you are aware of that. This, rather than the way its pitched (in Twitter) “Call of Duty” meets “Grand Theft Auto.”

As some might know, without a quick tutorial, grinding in “black desert” is hard and this is in part what makes it so great.

Quite simply, this game takes the best of ‘Call of Duty’ while vastly adding its own flavor, not just to the franchise but to the title of this game.

In other words, to grind, you simply need to go up.

Add to that the fact that you have to grind by your initial ability level and it would be easy to argue that you’ve mastered a game. To which I say get high on that.

As it stands, everyone from newborn babies to high level players are on the same level playing field.

After everything you do, you have two sets of Gear, which means you will get back to leveling what you leveled.

Drastically different from “Call of Duty,” you have to learn this game.

That’s because, as anyone knows who has played the “Rock Band” franchise, you must spend hundreds of hours to become proficient.

And that’s because “black desert” has taught you how to grind.

After grinding, you don’t even have to worry about leveling up. Once you get the equipment you need, you can play however you want.

And what you want is to play longer!

And yes, there is already a Premium mode where you’ll get special gear but there’s nothing extra about grinding compared to its competitors.

The game is paced perfectly for this kind of play and it encourages it.

It’s not something you’ll need to get better at if you go fast or go slowly, you just have to stay where you are.

And what you are rewarded for is whether or not you stay in the land. Achieving something is equivalent to traversing an area.

And where there is a land, there is a flag for you to grind with. In this case it’s the coveted mission code simply called, “King of the Land.”

“I am already there. Where am I? What’s going on?”

Wondering where you really are in the “black desert” is a part of what makes it so popular.

The biggest problem, or catalyst, may be that the game is marketed to (and we do mean marketed) for the ESRB rating.

The main video content is locked to a specific time and place. Thus, you won’t be able to log in any time of day unless it’s a specific date you have chosen.

An example would be the fact that you can only start the game at its fullest state at night. The exact date is Sunday.

So, some of you may have considered ways to do the job.

And yes, there’s the trick of starting at 2 AM and continuing through it’s 9 AM window.

To answer your question,

that’s part of the plan. And if you have these things in mind, then you already have the motivation for logging in when your parents are awake and ready to wake you up.

Welcome to Dread Central’s weekly blog post about grinding in this popular, amazingly creative and surprisingly mature video game, black desert.

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