Learning How To Drive Games Online Free

Countless hours of learning how to drive games online now gives you a way to experience the fun first-hand. The course is here.

Are you a gamer looking to hone your skills but can’t afford to buy it? Well, an app called Dice.com has introduced their free downloadable driving game App called Top Drive. When first downloaded the app allows users to explore the games features, to enhance learning process or to simply drive for free. Here’s a quick run through of what the app offers.

What’s in the App?

“Top Drive provides comprehensive gameplay. A user will always have the option to upgrade to other features of the game. The users don’t have to go through a physical game case, multiple disks or setup additional servers or be tethered to their wireless network to play the game. The game works in real time, allowing a player to progress throughout the game to win additional levels and collect prizes on his or her way to reaching the top”, says Dice.com “The app is also available on the web as a desktop PC. It is compatible with the Macs, Windows XP-2000-XP Pro and Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), and Linux. The app is great for anyone that is looking to improve their driving skills or simply to explore the breadth of gaming and add new properties to their mobile phone.”

How Does It Work?

As soon as you install the app it prompts you to select the cars you’d like to be unlocked. When you’re ready to drive, the app syncs up with the engine and the ignition position for you to start up. As you drive along the app will track your stats and share them with other players to “hang out”, which will also allow for new cars to be unlocked. Once you complete a set number of laps, the app will award you with stats and lessons, to help improve your experience and see how far you’ve progressed in your career. You’ll also be able to have unlimited cars unlocked for free, to save you money and speed up the process. Additionally, free trials and trial times are available for current players of Top Drive.

The biggest knockback that I’ve found from this game was the sometimes difficulty levels within. I really enjoyed the learning mechanics and had been hoping to learn a couple of little driving tricks or skills. Once I finished a set number of laps, I’d be left wondering how on earth I’d progressed, as I knew how well I’d done. There was a list of data fields you needed to fill in before you could drive a car, which would take a bit of work to complete. Once you finished, you got a little progress tick, but I just wasn’t getting past stage one on most of the cars. Whether or not this is really an issue with the app or just the users experience is hard to say. If you can get past a couple of levels, you’ll find it hard to believe you’ve actually progressed beyond one of the listed fields.

Other Playgrounds?

Although it’s extremely easy to get started with Top Drive, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get far. While Top Drive is a great tool for gamers looking to improve their skills, it’s not for everybody. No matter how many miles you rack up, there will always be a doubt of, “was I good enough?” In the following few days, you may hit a patch where you’re not able to unlock any cars. This might feel like an insurmountable barrier, but remember, it’s not that hard to get around. Even though it won’t feel like you’ve really pushed yourself, the more miles you drive, the better you’ll become at your driving. Over time, you’ll improve so much that it’ll become second nature.

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