Learning How To Drap- Better Done In Person Or Can Be Done Online?

Trying to emulate the quality of a live coaching session.

Learning How To Drap- Better Done In Person Or Can Be Done Online?

Few things are so pretty and so important as to warrant the price of experiencing it first hand. Comparing an object or how it looks to how it feels in your hand, you can’t get a purer feel for the object than that. Or even for the feeling of it in your hand.

By Malcom Lusk for GOBankingRates

Can you ever go wrong in your life going through a shopping experience completely by yourself? Most of us can’t, but for many other times, life comes along and there aren’t enough people to do all the shopping you need to do or get enough close-up, in-person experiences to be more beneficial to you.

The thing is, many shopping experiences are digitized. So you might be a good person to talk to about how you feel in the process; just think about why:

Cyber Monday Sales First And First and Always: Cyber Monday is what people actually hate, and it’s also a great time to meet others with exactly the same — or similar — desires to get you some good deals. It can be a big-time deal making experience. On the flip side, it’s often a pretty lonely one. Seeing all these sales online can be easy, but it feels distant and abstract.

Mealkit Restaurants: Meet all your food needs conveniently in one place. There’s not a lot of personal interaction to get involved with a meal, and you can save a bit of time by getting someone else to cook it. Here’s the thing though: Mealkit restaurants like Blue Apron come with a food-safety risk of their own; they are not always edible and sometimes have questionable ingredients and methods. Even then, many online meal delivery services still use the same fail-safes and cameras that the restaurant industry still relies on.

Going To A Shopping Mall: Coming to a mall is fun, but sometimes going for a shopping trip to a mall isn’t the best idea. With so many shoppers, malls can quickly become chaotic and overwhelming. Even going to a shopping mall can feel a bit of time consuming, as everyone is following others around. Also, if the mall gets flooded with people during the holidays, it could get unsafe and very frustrating. You should also know that shopping malls are often polluted with materials harmful to your health that you might not know about, and like retail clothing stores, may be required to pay taxes to the government on you purchasing their materials. So while you may come out with a savings from spending hours in a mall, you’re also often going to be responsible for paying taxes on those materials. If you plan to be in a mall this holiday season, bring a friend who can help you plan your shopping trips.

Hand-Draping: Or The Laundry to Be More Specific. Wrapping presents and returning gifts is a common chore. Though, in our view it’s an in-person activity to spend time doing. If you’re the only one who sees you returning your gifts, you’ll never return your thoughtful gifts the way they should have been. At the very least, you should appreciate wrapping gifts so you don’t make any mistakes.

Doing a Visually Complex Project Together With Friends: You never know when you’ll have a child, and you may find yourself babysitting a lot at the beginning of your child’s life. With the right friends, you can help one another with our homes. If you find yourself doing a manual parent-friendly project, including helping build an outdoor play structure, a play yard or a smoothie bar. Also, you may find that you’ll enjoy the added budget you have to work with.

For many people, the best people to talk to about how something feels are those who have actually experienced it. For others, this can be a valuable way to educate yourself on how the process of getting involved in something should be experienced.

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