Learning How To Do Spark Projects Online

When do you decide to start a website? First, it is important to understand some quick mistakes you will make.

Learning How To Do Spark Projects Online

Written by Ryan Schmitz, YouTube Content Producer, Writer and Web Host for Buzzfeed.com

Kids, you’re doing it right! You’re growing up in a world that’s always on, online and offline, physically AND online. That’s why there’s such a fundamental overlap between children and their content creation, especially because they’re so technologically savvy.

Popular kid content creators like Anna Camp, Shay Mitchell, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Max Frost, and Noah Karr will spend years poring over videos, watching and analyzing them, editing, and practicing for their cut-and-paste copycat skill sets. Sure, they might look like they’re mimicking someone else—they’re probably not—but really they’re making their own videos to feel the adrenaline that fuels their future life of working in the entertainment industry.

But what happens when they grow older? What happens when they’re done creating? They go to school and they’re supposed to have a perfect life, right? Not necessarily. For most kids, making videos means doing their homework and studies on their phones, so when they’re done with their assignments, they go home and wait for their parents to come home so they can use their phone again.

However, the problem is, they might go home and start looking for work in the content space. They’re doing their studies by a computer screen in their parents’ basements, their bedrooms, their bedrooms in the living room, their bedrooms in the basement, their bedrooms in the kitchen, on the couch, in the living room…I guess I mean on their cell phones. Some kids go to sleep hungry and sleep hungry so that they don’t have to stay awake all night to teach themselves all the basics about how to write and do animation, and some kids end up not teaching themselves the basics at all.

YouTube has made creating videos simple (and even familiar), but who else knows how to do it better than the creators themselves? It’s that collective of up-and-coming talent that is my favorite part of YouTube.

Here are three tips for kids who’d like to become their own creators.

Step 1: First, take your time. You will likely learn as much as you can about how to create videos on YouTube, and you’ll make a ton of mistakes, but you’ll learn more about the concept and what makes each video work. Why is that? Because of the production values involved. You’ll use your phone to shoot a variety of videos at different times of the day; all in real time. You’ll use a variety of different iMovie tools to edit and craft your content.

Step 2: Do tons of things: Experimentation is key. At Browsed Videos, we make all sorts of projects in many different genres: musical comedy, visual comedy, music comedy, informational, and more. We also make dramatic comedy: think Animal House meets The Good Wife, or John Hughes movies, but with more aggressive animation, longer scenes, and sometimes, very intentionally evil jokes. We make more than two dozen visual-funny content covers on YouTube per week and a dozen musical comedy covers per week, as well as all of our original videos, and you can see them all on our original channels!

Step 3: Find a hobby or something that interests you. If you’re a musician or a graphic designer, get creative with creating videos and tap into all that creativity. Or, get more into writing. That’s what all the top creatives do—they write their own scripts, conduct interviews, and collaborate with other creative minds. It could be putting together a cover song or crafting some incredibly original artwork, or writing some short stories that you would never publish, if you weren’t a web-based creator. Be inventive, be creative, be efficient.

We at Browsed Videos often work on these projects in several different ways—in person with the rest of the team, in the video editing room, making sketches on our phones, and brainstorming ideas with our audience. It’s fun, a crazy, energetic process, and lots of fun to watch! We make ridiculous movies together that, from the outside, look like they’re totally random, but we know that these are each carefully crafted and scripted chapters of our story. You really do need to get creative and come up with a passion project that’s your thing, just like we do!

It’s not just the content creator that needs to be involved in their own content creation. The content creator also needs to be part of the process. It’s an exercise in learning how to balance work/life, how to take responsibility, and how to be a full-fledged

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