Learning How To Dj Online

Nebulous moments in sports history: One day Roger Moore playing James Bond…the self-doubting Salvador Dali…an Argentina-Mongolia World Cup match of the future…a man’s trip to heaven and the atoms at work.

Many people watch, enjoy and even learn a bit about the adrenaline fueled epic battle known as Professional Snooker, with its high stakes nature and almost constant adrenaline fuelled drama between the nation’s leading players, Chris Barker has been able to take a break from the head beating he gets from other players and celebrities every week and watch the snooker from home, following him to a venue on his smartphone in his comfortable recliner.

I managed to get chatting to Chris for a little while and decided to have a bit of advice on getting the most out of your snooker gaming habit.

Why Not Try To Learn How To Play?

According to Christopher, learning snooker from scratch is incredibly difficult; the amount of information required to perform well and the skills required to attain the necessary grip on the ball and accurate balance to land that shot on the corner is so much more complex than playing mobile snooker, so learning how to play without a knowing a thing about snooker is an exercise in frustration.

In Chris’ opinion, it’s a waste of time to drop in with a friend and attempt to learn how to play snooker, you’ll both get nowhere.

Chris shares:

“With Snooker You’re Always Failing To Achieve Your Goal – it is so much harder to get the hang of it than to enjoy it. Getting a hang of snooker, whether it’s mobile snooker, online snooker or top of the table snooker is a very different experience to making a 5-6k and saying ‘that’s my goal’,”

Are You Going To Be The Lance Armstrong of Snooker Gaming?

Chris has some terrifying thoughts for anyone planning to try and break into the world of professional snooker. To gain fame and riches, someone had to be the first to break the world record for playing an entire game of snooker in a single sitting. The only person to have gone in to record breaking 2hr 22min was Englishman Gary Wilson, apparently, but Stephen Lee, the sport’s hot favourite, broke his record in 2011 after scoring a 35-minute (1hr 55 minutes with coffee and water help) on a wet wet day in York and commuting back to his home in Cheshire to collect the trophies.

“You will never get 10 minutes on the table without constant distraction. Something might pop up to distract your eye (like drinks or the smell of cannabis) or your mind (like poker…). The cue doesn’t last long enough for you to think properly. Maybe two minutes is good for your mental bandwidth,”

Try and learn from the greats rather than take it at face value from other people’s video player.

The First and Only Skill

When Chris discusses the skill that separates the professionals from the amateurs he talks about observing and taking the time to work out which skills are needed and how to master them.

“You do not need three or four minutes on the cue before you can get a basic sense of grip, balance and stability. You just need to observe, try out how long it takes to hit a snooker ball and see how long it takes you to recover from a mistake,” he explains.

Chris also believes that some people, like famous broadcaster and snooker fanatic, the late Tony Greig, went far beyond some people’s comprehension with their knowledge about snooker.

“Tony Greig used to interview the main players. He would get every player’s score and even their top break. He had his own tactic which he used when interviewing people, using his own theories. As a snooker commentator, a pro or a non pro, he would analyse their performance in exactly the same way. He had the world’s first 18-minute pundit, without any secret methods,”

So watching the most recent day in snooker while binge watching your favourite shows on Netflix could be a true escape, even if the difference between a decent and a bad one is not substantial. Just remember never to compare yourself to someone else.

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