Learning How To Code Online Courses

From cognitive and creative disorders to AP and CS for the most ambitious of us, we’ve got you covered.

Learning How To Code Online Courses

Can you teach someone to code without them ever having had to touch a mouse? That’s a question with a big amount of potential. Last year we covered the year of coding where brands, agencies, and developers are making an effort to learn the techniques and abilities required in an increasingly digital world.

The ongoing skills gap is one of the many concerns around digital expertise. With the advent of automation and machine learning, much of the work is going to get done by machines in some capacity. As a result, the industry needs to evolve. In New York City, the digital workforce now outnumbers the total working population, which is something we cannot take for granted. In order to plug the gap we will continue to rely on the skills we have and them evolving, but we must make a push to learn new skills to compete.

Learning How To Code

A few years ago, Digital Innovation in New York City (DIGN) held their first one on one coding event in downtown Manhattan. The organization created a programming that would deliver instruction on WordPress to anyone interested in learning the language. The application, “WhoTalksHosts” was offered on a regular basis and recently successfully ran at a two day conference.

This afternoon, we’ve seen everyone from Google to Capital One in attendance at the first such event in partnership with DIGN. Think of it as learning how to code without ever having to use a keyboard.

Some big names are on the speaker list, such as Dalraharn Aloysius, Cynthia Choi, and Stuart Bird. They will be introducing the attendees to a range of new tools and platforms from some of the best known software developers in the world. The event will cover four key topics:

Hack The Sky

The first keynote talks about how to hack the sky. With planes and monorails. And many more things. More details about the event will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Social Media

Social media is becoming the brain storming point of many aspects of modern businesses, but without skill that makes sure marketing initiatives are sustainable, this won’t be scalable. When people who have started with learning social media from scratch start to find a shortage in their skill set, organizations may find themselves in trouble. Learn how to maximize your digital marketing plan at this special event hosted by Social Media Strategist, Ben Drew.

Most of us have the knowledge to market effectively online, but having the capabilities to execute is another story. Learn the tricks at this event by Kelsey Dye.

Personal Branding and SEO

Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms are at the heart of personal branding. After a massive launch day buzz, we all found ourselves looking at our “friends” only. We seem to have forgotten that we are all in this together, and all partners are better off when we collaborate. SEO is at the core of ensuring you are the one who can successfully reference someone’s post across multiple platforms and understand which websites you should go on instead. This event will be led by Rachel Lysak and Shekar Rathi and you will not want to miss it.

Want to learn more about NEWA? Please join us for NEWA: Disrupting a New Era on November 16th and 17th. The free event will explore what NYC is doing to change business for the better and provide professionals and non-professionals with access to the leading movers and shakers. Our panel will bring together visionary leaders and skilled entrepreneurs to talk about their passions and achieve an audience of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. We look forward to partnering with YOU, our audience, at NEWA. For those not interested in attending, just follow us on twitter @newarkfuture and join us on facebook.com/NewarkFuture.

If you would like to learn more about NEWA, contact us at change.org/nyc, join our FACEBOOK group NEWA@NEW YORK, or tune in to the host event tonight for ALL YOUR CAREERS, with Dalraharn Aloysius.

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