Learning How To Bake, Online, Free, Recipes And Techniques, Best Site To Learn

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Learning How To Bake, Online, Free, Recipes And Techniques, Best Site To Learn

How To Bake

The How To Bake website – open source and anonymous – was created by chef James Crisp, as part of a 12-day internet art project about “what science and food could teach each other about cooking.” Intrigued by the idea of a massive online project to teach us about cooking, Crisp’s first goal was to reach 1 million concurrent users. The millionth user came on December 17, 2012, when seven people from Guyana got stuck in a hole in their neighbour’s garden. Crisp sent a robot into the house to save them.

Taking Crisp’s 250 kg of kitchen equipment home, the first time I made it was a beautiful eureka moment. My first attempt at an omelette didn’t go well, and I’d failed miserably at French toast, so we ordered a few chickens and buns to cook in the oven. My kitchen habit paid off; learning how to bake was never easier. Crisp himself is a prominent figure in the UK’s food scene. His Early Stage Art series uses a variety of everyday home objects as improvised art.

You’ll hear some of Crisp’s tips – everything from basic measuring to varieties of risotto to selecting a frying pan (he says “you can’t over-pan fritter”) – as he was inspired by the publisher Julia Child to emulate the MasterChef format. Crisp has published a cookbook, a coffee table book, nine culinary sites, and one of the world’s first female cookware sites in 2005. For Crisp, giving quality home baking instruction online was simply the next stage of his exploration of baking techniques.

Knowing that I’d need to develop my own recipe, a bit like someone who writes a novel but never reads any, I asked Crisp to become a paid member of the online community, allowing him to produce blog posts and pull content from the archive. Some 8 months after it launched, thousands of visitors left comments every day. The site started producing great recipes, like an awesome chicken dish and a range of dessert recipes. He also ended up having a career surge, managing a community of “hundreds of internet food lovers” for a significant sum of money.

And here are Crisp’s favourite recipes. If Crisp is an advocate for recipes that are easy, flexible and endlessly useful, then you’ll love these. I’m one of the most enthusiastic How To Bake users on the internet. I’m a devout fan and I swear by James Crisp as an inspirational and useful online source.

Here are the most recent recipes (but none of Crisp’s favourite recipes: “They can all be found at my website, where you can order a book for the lower price of £1.80…”)

Omelette for one from “The Modernist Tearoom”

“People like me are interested in form and geometry… and what isn’t to like about this easy and immediate meal?”

Samosa from “Cakeish”

“In a pinch a samosa does all the hard stuff, often on toast – all we need to do is add lemon and coriander to relax us into being lazy this weekend… and/or on the road.”

Pulled Pig from “Take Food Seriously”

“Found at every butcher’s shop, and most of them are just that…but these can be a little bit technical if you’re not comfortable with the whole pork component, but if you’re able to cope they’re the best pork side-dish you’ve ever eaten… plus these look gorgeous. I won’t try to be clever – just use fresh London city pork”

Baked Chocolate Malt with Frangipane from “The Encyclopedia of Pastry”

“Starchy, a little battery, really smooth. I enjoy things that speak to my country and the ingredients of my local secondary school… and this really rich, fruity, and satisfying isn’t shy of anything, from maple syrup and walnuts to vanilla extract”

Wasabi Cookie (similar recipe: walnut raspberry rugelach)

“I like the smell of nutty almonds, and I can’t stop eating them… and this is practically dessert-y without any guilt… and with the addition of 3 basil leaves adds a subtle flavour punch that I love.”

“Finally eaten with a glass of something sharp like

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