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Email marketing is getting older every day as the internet changes technology every day. The amount of work involved in starting and running an email marketing campaign has also decreased in the past few years. Instead of sending out hundreds of emails to potential customers, many email marketers now need to make a single email for every email recipient. The average time to turn customers into consumers is only 1-2 weeks. Thus, it becomes crucial to ensure the quality of the emails you send as they have lasting value.

Especially when some people only see your email address as a potential business opportunity, it can be embarrassing to send a cold email to a person whom you are not familiar with and who may easily ignore your message. The sooner you learn how to ship emails, the more successful your company will be. Email is a strong medium that can be used to spread your message, advertise your services, and answer questions. However, shipping emails are also important, for that reason here are some tips to help you reach out to the right people.

Send Emails on Time

As someone who works in a digital production studio, I have received emails from many companies where the mailing lists were not separated from their email accounts. That is why I decided to ask an early adopter about the importance of sending timely emails as most people are a little lazy. Her response was, “I don’t care if your email goes in about 10 minutes after I put it on my email address, the difference between a fast email and a slow email is all about how attentive your message is.”

Let it get there

An actual hard copy list has a fixed date when the email goes out, and for as long as it stays in that folder until the recipient responds. However, you cannot recreate that behavior for your customers who receive emails on demand. As explained in a previous article, you should start developing a way to forward emails to people by using the tool Buffer, so they get to their inbox before others.

Better Delivery Quality

There are a number of measures you can use when creating a newsletter list, such as Social Listening and Learning Engagements. These technologies are also good ways to avoid email abuse as you send personalized emails to all kinds of recipients. For instance, if you use Slice, you can know who your fastest-responding recipients are. That way, you can send one message to your best emails only instead of sending them to the whole list. If you use AnchorFree, you can view who among your customers are technically savvy. Furthermore, you can identify who is the most engaged and see how often they respond to emails. By knowing who your fastest responders are, you can be more innovative and send messages to them at the time when they are likely to respond.

The Market Monitor option will allow you to make an email conversation with your best and important customers as well. For instance, you can ask your top-performing clients who are not the biggest email marketer for their suggestions on how to improve their performance. Alternatively, you can ask your sales team what kind of business they need to make to generate leads for their organization. Even for companies that started out as an e-mail company and are now improving their marketing strategies, you can still monitor the effectiveness of your email communication. By following these steps, you can understand which messages are the most effective and can work towards addressing your marketing performance issues.

Reach the Customer

It is vital to let people know when you received their email through your newsletter. You should get their express permission to access their contact information. If they are using Gmail, you can set up the Reply All feature to respond to their email immediately. That way, you will be able to reach out to the best customers and help them not only reduce their email waiting time but also directly connect with their customers. Of course, you should do some analytics to look at the sent messages, click rates, and conversion rates. By analyzing your email data and using it to your advantage, you can help your sales team improve their sales performance to ensure future success.

The next article in this series will focus on different features of the market tracking tool.

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