Learning English Online When I Speak Spanish

A world of English watching people speaking English when they speak Spanish.

Baggies is the next best thing to a language class. I don’t think it gets any better. In a nutshell, it’s free—there’s no coming home from class feeling like I’ve just got the least influential shot of the year—and it’s also super simple to use.

After I arrived in the US, one of the first things I did was sign up for an online course. English classes were the first kind of education that I immediately encountered, thanks to my mother. But with kids these days there just wasn’t time to go to class. So I decided to try an online course instead. So I found one that was free—and free is one of the best things about trying online courses.

It felt different to me than even a boring and obligatory in-person class. By the time I got to issue my first exam, I wasn’t even pretending to be present at class. Now, I found myself with a free hour or so to hand over and which I put to good use. It was like school—but I didn’t have to show up. Plus, I didn’t even need any tuition.

So I graduated. For a Portuguese tutor who studied in Portugal, getting that information out of English is almost as much of a learning curve as getting your test results. After getting my first scores, I started my second semester of English—which was different from the first.

Now, one semester of English might just be enough to land me an even better job in the technical field that I’m in—or someone else might want to hire me, with no English at all. In any case, you’ll notice that it was like English has become almost as important in my life as my language.

One lesson, one reward

After I finished my second semester, I had to submit my final exam marks. After I got off the phone with the Portuguese tutor, she said, “Very good! Now take that exam!” I was late to the exam, because she told me it was scheduled for Monday. I took the exam. The next morning, I woke up expecting to wake up and my mother telling me, “You’re admitted to high school for the next 12 years!” Well, I had the pleasure of getting my GPA from her.

Learning English is now as important as my education

But, as hard as it was to keep up with the Portuguese, it was even harder to keep up with Spanish. With me, there was no homecoming ceremony, there were no friends who went to English class. I couldn’t even eat in my grandma’s front room.

In a few weeks, I will be in a new city and I will have to speak Spanish in Spanish. A few years later, I will be playing soccer with my brother. Of course, he won’t be able to understand a word. But that doesn’t matter. I will learn to speak perfect Spanish in any situation. And someday, when I get married and we become parents, he will learn a few words as well.

So, it’s safe to say that learning English is getting more important than going to a school. While my school in Portugal may not be the worst thing, you can see where all the visits from my mother were not so good.

Baggies – a Spanish language platform for beginners and experts

Baggies is an online platform that hosts hundreds of books, courses, and other resources in Spanish. You can earn money from your courses by engaging in marketing campaigns. The company was founded by two former college professors who wish to introduce new speakers of Spanish to the language and enrich the learning experience of native speakers and experienced travelers.

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