Learning About Money And How It’s Used Book Free Online Second Grade

Get information on learning the process of money in an easy and fast way. Read our review.

Learning About Money And How It's Used Book Free Online Second Grade

Are you on a mission to become self-sufficient and have a healthy relationship with money? Well, don’t wait another day to get started — there’s a resource right here to get you started.

Learning About Money & How It’s Used

This book is a foundational tool in financial independence, as it connects with children ages 8 to 12 years old. It is specifically aimed at preparing the mind-set of this group of young learners for a life of prudent financial responsibility. It links the meanings of money, how it is used, and what it means to be self-sufficient in an interesting manner. Through extensive discussions with background facts and history, this structured and informative exercise (meant to teach proper use of funds), investigates financial concepts on a deeper level and sharpens children’s critical thinking skills.

The activity uses illustrations to explore a series of frequently asked questions, which are specifically focused on the definitions of concepts such as role of money in life, working with money, and flexibility/different, creative ways of using money. It also provides overviews of common practice for parents and teachers.

Classes are initially being offered for $50 each by M.A.T. Children’s Institute, which has comprehensive relationships with over 50 providers around the world and over 150 locations. The cost is expected to decrease substantially after the initial grants run out, so sign up today for the program before it sells out!

Certified financial planner Kit Yarrow of Golden Gate Wealth Management says, “This is an all-purpose book, not meant to replace experts in specific areas. However, it is intended to provide a framework, a roadmap for children to help them in the development of their financial lives.”

For people who want to improve their ability to make sound investment decisions, the book includes information on ethical investment strategies, which is vital to understanding and successfully managing the basics of money.

M.A.T. Children’s Institute

M.A.T. Children’s Institute and its partners are not confined to schools. The book is available online to keep the momentum going once the first two groups have finished the program. Children can get their school-based activities started here. More than just financial, kids will learn about music appreciation and various elements of scientific discovery, thanks to an extensive creative class presentation.

For young people who are interested in studying concepts of emotional intelligence, they can get started here.

If you are interested in introducing this program to your school, as an introductory course and not a curriculum, you can apply here. We strongly recommend this book be passed around among the families. If you have children who may have skipped over one or two years of learning in the school to begin thinking about finances, this is the book you need to bring the process forward in their eyes. Just as the book is written as a supplement to any academic or academic-like textbook, the whole process begins with the conversation.

Now, check out the amazing bonus page you’ll find here: The inside knowledge page includes a calendar that keeps kids and adults on track with their financial journey, tips for working together on activities, helpful hints for making money even smarter, and even a place to post notes about people you want to thank! (Other information, such as a suggested digital library fund is available here as well.)

An interesting book that combines the concept of money management and literacy in the newest technology with plenty of steps to get you started. By hooking the content and the application with the idea of helping you live and play better, this book makes a powerful case for improving the next generation’s mindset toward their finances.

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Have a great day!

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