Kylie Jenner Is Learning How To Push Online

Tina Fey has been calling out Kylie Jenner on her lack of philanthropy in the past, but there is still hope for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who is learning how to monetize social media.

Kylie Jenner Is Learning How To Push Online

Kylie Jenner didn’t even know how to do this two weeks ago. Kylie, who’s already becoming a bridge between the worlds of fashion and entertainment, posted her latest creation, a long-sleeved latex jumpsuit she’s wearing at a gun range.

Her fans (and Internet) were obviously fans too. #KylieJennerTutorial began trending on Twitter, with one user posting, “Kylie Jenner is pushing me into inappropriate new territory #KylieJenner.”


This represents this week’s lesson on Kylie. Until a few days ago, she had managed to stay really, really far away from the people who watch her every move.

Sure, she’s filmed some sultry reveals, and posed for less-than-flattering photos, but not enough to entice to people.

Until she posted a group video. Of her and her new beau Travis Scott shooting rifles.

It’s hard to sit back and allow Kylie to just kind of float out there on the Internet, appearing to know all the right moves while really not.

Some have a problem with that, in particular.

“Kylie Jenner’s too obsessed with Instagram as you all know,” user Danny Cozier wrote. “She doesn’t have time to learn how to message everyone she likes, text them back to ask them to call, or visit them in person. She just logs onto Insta.”

“This is an instance where she should take a page out of Paris Hilton’s book,” user Katherine L. Gulrifa posted. “Pucker up.”

As a result, Kylie’s Twittersphere followers were becoming a little vexed with her FOMO—fear of missing out.

“The beejeezus. Kylie Jenner can get her video on her own. Get with the times. Show, don’t tell!”

“Don’t forget to ask for your feedback. It’s ok to say no. Listen to people on your chest,” user Patrika Samoilova wrote.

“You can’t just say it all, Kylie. Just remember your make up, your safe word, and will yourself,” user Wizwanne wrote.

Kylie responded to her critics with some solid advice, albeit to her sister Kylie’s detriment.

“I really just want to remind people that I never expected people to see this video, let alone tag their friends, family, and everyone they know who wanted to see it,” Kylie wrote. “I am so thankful that Kylie is here for me!”

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