Kylie Jenner Is Learning How To Push Online

She opened up to E! on things a bit too hot to handle in this public situation.

The conversation around what has become important for Kylie Jenner as her brand and social presence grows is what “fakes” are. These quick hits that make for a decent conversation on social media or comment section is what has become the target of the media. Who is “hiding” what and what is going on at any moment is the siren song which builds the frenzy over the being validated for it being real.

The current cycle of this seems to revolve around a tease of something that the influencer reveals, and people go on a scavenger hunt for the latest. That person then seems to receive a wave of positive, but that stage lasts for maybe a day or two before the paparazzi swoop in and the whole thing is dismantled.

All of a sudden the influencer no longer looks as though she is a credible voice and authority, because everyone has access to this information. The same thing that surrounds the Kardashian family and their existence is what is happening with Kylie Jenner today.

There is no surprise in Kylie Jenner’s stormy life. There is no surprise in this unhealthy addiction of everyone who is not the mother of her children having access to any information about Kylie, her love life, her girlfriends, even little word of her thoughts.

A couple of months ago I wrote a piece about Jenner following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian by launching a makeup line on her own. Rightfully so, her fans were excited for the new product as they typically are when you follow the Kardashian family. After the debut, a backlash ensued and the manner in which it began allowed the heat to quickly build. I am not sure which moment in the discussion the “prank” stage started. But once it started, it was pushed by the media machine.

Perhaps it was a blog post that Jenner wrote to be included in the conversation on her exciting new launch. Here is what she said:

Before I open my eyes in the morning, I will be thinking about you!”

Then a cryptic video with the words “You… may be… only…” was tweeted out along with a picture of a brick with a color palette of pink and khaki. Some thought it was a tribute to Kim Kardashian.

Then it started on an Instagram discussion thread in which people voiced disgust at the thought that Jenner has used children for the advertising and hype of her new collection. It was by no means an outright remark to have children involved, but as a descriptor for the part of her life. She was talking about how she was thinking about what was going on outside her world and how she would be thinking about her fans and the people who supported her.

A picture of her as a child appeared next to this page with the words “Why not start here?” The final words of the caption appeared to be “this is the new Kylie Jenner family.”

I have never seen a businessperson react to criticism like Kylie Jenner did, other than her actions around the makeup line, and I do not know of any in that manner. She mocked back immediately and the story was picked up and moved along. Some would call this chutzpah and it certainly is, but I also think it indicates an understanding of how the beast works.

This put her at odds with people who initially believed what she was doing. By virtue of her family being out in the open for the last 10 years, she could make the assumption that people would already know the truth because they knew her. There was no reason to be forthcoming on her feelings towards young women. This also allowed her to take on the role of professional activist.

After the dust cleared, the #AskKylie hashtag was a hot topic, and Jenner addressed the situation. She said “I don’t know. People sometimes aren’t really there when you are around them.” She then added a quote from Charles Dickens: “So follow your nose, and be yourself.”

This was also the evolution of her use of fans as her promotional vehicle and put her back on the stage of the celebrity worlds. Did you see the details of a performance designed to air live and then further publicized on her social media outlets? Many were watching and some of the reactions were a little harsh. It wasn’t a “set up.” It was a staged presentation of a performance.

All that has been created, people have seen, heard, and by whatever means it was sold, is something that the Jenner family has become famous for. Kylie has made it very clear that she does not care what anyone thinks about this. Perhaps she has begun to realize how vulnerable she is that some readers and influencers tend to view her.

Kylie has been thrust into an environment with very dangerous claws. Here are some tips to make a living in this world.

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