“koller, Daphne. “”what We’re Learning From Online Education”

You have probably heard the term “algorithmic learning” or something pretty similar, but there is a whole new field of teaching that just emerged over the past few years. It’s in the field of machine learning.

"koller, Daphne. ""what We're Learning From Online Education"

“Koller. Daphne.”

It was an instruction four-letter word that saw the blackjack tables at 8 Mile. Bobby Joe “The Goodfella” Pianta and Tim Casteel of the house band would pause, look up, point a finger to their heads. “That is nothing—”

They would then say the “o” in “We Are in This Together” in unison.

Sounds crazy, right? It was. Bobby and Tim were preparing for the show. The band was being primed for this performance. They knew each song inside out. They had the backing track memorized. They knew each line.

But this could not be the days of the hit show, so they looked to a distant city. The early 90s, where Elvis Presley reigned, live to rule the airwaves. The Generationals were “Rock This and Try to Believe.”

Anyway, the next morning, Joe and Tim, who belonged to the same fraternity of DJs/program directors in Detroit, would go over what they had learned.

“Koller, Daphne.”

It was the title of a little gem “music to the city.” It was written by the Detroit born Robert Martin Levy and presented in “I Spy” way. It was their do-si-do to the time and place.

It was a salute to someone who passed on.

It was on my mind the other night when I read a story on Foxnews.com that put both the internet and their original show from the 90s under the spotlight. It was essentially a quote, ‘explanation’ to how they do some things, digitally, that we do not.

Apparently, Rick Fox wrote something in Time Magazine, a few years ago, noting how his television show features plenty of online content and sometimes for an $8/month price.

The three things that have become synonymous with digital with Scott and Hub:

“What we are learning is that we now have plenty of outlets and creative ways to deliver our vision to new audiences. We are now also able to reach customers at more targeted and contextual points in life. We can not only provide content, we can also define it, create context, and partner with companies that give them a world of value.”

Rick Fox then goes on to point out that there is an issue with these 3:

“Younger audiences — whom they are courting and creating shows for — may be largely self-conscious and sometimes cool for, it’s all too easy to be ‘in on the joke.'”

“Younger audiences are talking smack, and we as the marketers that create content can’t always be in on the joke. You just can’t say things like ‘we have to avoid copycatting’ because, well, quote ‘that just makes them uncomfortable.'”

You get the point.

What I take away from this, in all honesty, is the maturation of marketing, and the need to adapt and evolve. Keeping the brand up top while all your alternatives change, is never easy.

Not that it is all about the price point… it is. The right product, at the right time, at the right price point… that’s what works and that is what makes all the difference.

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