In Machine Learning What Is Online Learning

The Internet is a fantastic way to learn, especially when we can access more content than we could in a library or school. Today technology has really caught up and we can access almost everything we want, when we want.

Harnessing This?

This is an area of great interest to me. In my book, the title of Chapter 3 is “Machines learning.” The chapter begins with such a poignant story – the Stanford team which taught a Shark – then successfully struck a deal with the Sharks.

It seems to me that there are a few misconceptions about this field. There is quite a bit of focus on the notion that “The Mind,” rather than the Mind itself is the source of knowledge, which is being taught using virtual reality. And, quite often, virtual reality is intended to simulate an experience such as the face-to-face teaching environment rather than artificial reality.

Now, I think the use of virtual reality in education can be extremely beneficial, but in general, I do think that Virtual Reality and augmentation of human bodies through augmentative and alternative therapies (AAAT) are not suited for traditional classrooms or lectures. In my work, I use innovative technologies in which the “mind” or personalization of thought is constantly in the foreground. I believe that the use of augmented reality in education is the future of the profession. AAE/AAAT work is not as valuable as what we have learned in a traditional way. Instead, I think learning through a device like AR, combined with VR, could enhance a speaker’s ability to communicate ideas, yet at the same time convey the context, and hopefully encourage thought and problem solving, as a way to foster deep engagement. As in the case of the Shark, I would “build the mind” which can engage students and inspire thinking, and not simply focus on the one’s individual personality. With this approach, I believe, we will eventually be able to truly understand who the students are, and what they need and want.

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