In Example 1 On Page 94, The Setting For Learning (in Class Or Online) Was Which Of The Following?

This is one of the original examples shared by Bureaucracy Not! Blog founder Stephanie Butler.

In Example 1 On Page 94, The Setting For Learning (in Class Or Online) Was Which Of The Following?

I was inspired by Galen Sherwin’s inkblot gallery. The set of four panels which start off showing political cartoons and then progress to interpretations, in which I was accompanied by a yellow tape, offered me a reflection of if it’s better to learn from many or have the best one. In all the artist’s work, the girl was part of it. In the set it was seen as a symbol of having the best that we could, as opposed to allowing the internal battles within us to show.

Other artists included Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, André 3000, Michelangelo, Michelangelo’s David, and of course Dave Chappelle. I then prepared the samples of the images and shot them in a strip of film. The idea behind this set is that the front panel it was better to accept all of the stimuli the panels are providing and then decide how to interpret. I then used a digital filter to further enhance and accentuate the imagery.

So for Page 94, where the feeling for this illustration began with the yellow tape and progressed to the black and white paintings of the political drawings it ended with a love story set against some of these famous artists who is living not in Rome, but in the Philadelphia back yard while his wife and son stayed in a hotel on Main Street.

This was always a part of my gameplan. I immediately picked out the set and waited for it to get into the printer. I’d been thinking about having this cartoon I love for a while. When I finally got the box into the printer, I saw that the dots followed a subtle pattern, and I was having a moment of restlessness where I wondered if I had chosen the right set up.

For a few moments I thought about throwing the print back in the box as I was going through the layer by layer scrutiny of the photo scan of a big mural which is on the wall in the shop which is above my kitchen. Luckily I was in a mood of wanting to kick back and relax, so I thought that would be a lot more relaxing to let go and wait for the next set-up. In like manner, everything else appeared to be right. So I hung this self-portrait, got my meeting with the artist, held this big grin, felt a little bit more relaxed, and then just went down and organized the next pieces, and walked back upstairs to pick up my co-worker to go start a general meeting.

As I was leaving, I noticed that the temperature had come down and went right up. I thought that as the art set up would start again, maybe if I had waited a little longer, it might have been warm enough that I could go down inside and grab the set. By the time I walked back upstairs, it was time to wrap up the meeting. As soon as the weather warmed up, I gave this set up and had this in my hand before the elevator doors even shut.

So once again, just imagine this big smile on my face. Again I owe a great deal of that to Isabel Muller, the manager and friend. I met her at the UK bar in San Francisco and knew that she was a wonderful woman with a beautiful soul. We have been friends since then and have worked side by side. She instilled in me the belief that I could do whatever I set my mind to. I was going to be an international artist and take the US by storm.

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