In A Paragraph,detail Why Online Learning Would Be A Good Fit For You

With online learning, you can take classes with a partner. Find out if you have what it takes to succeed.

In A Paragraph,detail Why Online Learning Would Be A Good Fit For You

By: Todd Johnson, Fox News Contributor

Are you bored with your life? Are you stuck in a job you hate? Can’t get that promotion you deserve? Are you ashamed you can’t compete with the latest trendy fitness craze in a matter of seconds online?

You are not alone. A new report has found the “handwringing” survey responders mentioned in an internet survey wasn’t just about millennials; it was about all of us.

Americans must adapt to a world where they lack the human skills necessary to adapt to the evolving demands of “speed and innovation,” according to our national think tank, The Heartland Institute. And more than just adaptation, it’s also change for the sake of change.

People with pro-growth, robust middle-class values in America are often “disillusioned,” “on the verge of despair,” “tired of the institution of government” and have a “tired spirit and high life satisfaction.”

I know I fall into that category. However, there is hope.

Enter online learning. Although it was recently approved as a replacement for college education, I doubt it will do so. Those who have spent a lifetime practicing traditional forms of education and learning believe online learning has a narrow focus. Of course, the trend of educational change is decades in the making. The same can be said for higher education. So, how can we make sure online learning is good for you? Below are a few suggestions:

1. Make a habit of practice. Pursue an online course as your high school diploma, job search or résumé replacement. Begin learning via platforms that focus on web development, creative industries, marketing, public relations and other factors that can be utilized for permanent career development.

2. Embrace the context. Online education needs to be more conversational and relevant to you than getting your end-of-the-year college final exam. The same applies to the content of course material and the ways that it is delivered. In the online world, almost everyone has access to information and learning. This makes a brain more adept at long-term processing and retention of new information.

3. Time limits. How long will you spend on the course? Online studies are much more manageable than the traditional college experience because of the advance set time limits that are inherent in these courses. This is most appreciated by people who have no university degree. When one studies an online course, it is not as regimented.

4. Convenience. The traditional education model required getting to school. You could study on campus, in a library or in some combination of these options. However, even on-campus school can be difficult for most students with just a few hours per day for class. Add to that the fact that these students often live in different time zones, are commuting to a far-away campus, and may have large families to support, and you can see how difficult it may be to cram it all in. An online course at some point may provide a time efficiency solution for most college students.

5. Local support. You may need some sort of incentive to commit to a rigorous online education, like need-based grant aid. Having the expert support of your college of choice provides an opportunity to develop a mutual understanding between you and the institution that is a great mentor. Ask questions about assignments, ask about the tools you may need to complete the course and discuss options for assistance in submitting course assessments. This type of student support will help validate the online classroom experience and hold you accountable to your learning goals.

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