I Want To Get Into Web Development Where To Start For Self Learning Online

I’m 24 and only just graduated from college last month. So far, I’ve been very fortunate in meeting my match with content marketing & tech.

About a month ago, after having read three books on the topic, I decided to develop web apps myself (2) and not waiting for the professionals. I felt that I was not quite ready, that my skills were not quite advanced enough, and it wasn’t as good as I would like it to be. So I waited until I was ready.

Or maybe not so much waiting, but rather, the model I’ve been following has been “Don’t wait until you have skills, only wait until you want to learn the skills you need”. And in this case, I thought why not take a broader view of the options I had, and assume that development was an option that suited me best.

So I started with Windows 7. I felt it was a little too old for me, but I wanted it to be open source to get me started. Since I’ve never made a “develop” application before, I chose to start with the “C++ Application Builder Kit” version.

This tool is based on Windows 7 itself, of course, and uses Common Development Environment (CDE) that’s offered by Microsoft. (3) CDE is a single-process development environment built from the ground up for Windows development. As you’ll find in the course outline below, a huge improvement over earlier versions of Windows. These types of tools are still and have been almost completely non-native to Windows. See my article Introduction to C++ Application Builder Kit . But the point is, that CDE is free to download and can be used in a variety of programming languages.

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