How You Can Apply Growth Mindset In An Online Learning Environment

If you are looking to grow faster in your career, you’re going to need to hone your marketing and social media skills.

How You Can Apply Growth Mindset In An Online Learning Environment

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Merely writing that sentence could cause you to turn crimson; however, the overall point I am trying to make in this article is applicable not only to online learning, but to “Innovation Nation.” We need to find better, faster, better methods to improve our opportunities and, most importantly, our ways of looking at the world. The competition on the worldwide market will only increase and as these opportunities are indeed shrinking, we have to find better ways to incorporate the same business basics that we have always had into our online learning environment.

Online learning consists of many components, such as the use of online programs and software, peer review and collaborative learning tools, online tuition assistance, etc. However, not only should we use these tools in our online learning systems, we need to blend them with the best of both old and new methods.

A great and promising new technology is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning. With AI Machine Learning, machines are able to learn and actually develop knowledge, especially by understanding patterns and datasets.

This technology can be used to enhance our learning and increase our interest and work ethic. Already we have been able to successfully implement online learning technology that is based on AI Machine Learning. These programs are designed to be accurate in analyzing the learning content, and to ensure that learning doesn’t fall flat on the user’s face.

Traditional learning usually involves a teacher, and is arguably an effective method of learning because it is directly on how the student should approach learning. By eliminating this traditional and impersonal approach and instead combining it with the efficiencies of online learning, I believe we can have a stronger, more efficient, and successful learning environment.

However, many online learning systems don’t even include machine learning or smarts like you would usually find in a typical learning computer, so far, learning hasn’t made a revolution in the classroom. However, I can understand the mindset of a user for using computer programs and simplifying their education so that they can complete it faster, as compared to learning traditional ways. However, this shouldn’t be the goal; having a powerful machine learning system so that you know how to use it should always be your goal. You should always be trying to teach or facilitate learning, and optimizing and enhancing your abilities so that you can master your subject and pass on it to your future students.

Speaking of excellent technology, I believe digital learning should be an entirely digital learning experience. Consider using some of these life-changing techniques and applications that I believe will drastically improve your online learning environment.

While you are using LinkedIn, feel free to make it mobile friendly. I believe that there are so many talented job seekers on LinkedIn who just may not yet have a profile created. Having their resume update and made mobile friendly will only increase the likelihood of landing a great job opportunity. With the right online learning systems, being able to research your accomplishments and potential employers on LinkedIn and other online platforms will help you stand out. Having several online resumes together will help you reach out to others who will be able to help you with your job search. The past is just a snapshot of your life and sometimes we forget that and we are only using the current state of our life as our whole impression of ourselves. Studies show that people generally only remember 80% of what they have learned in the past, however, more and more professionals are using online courses and online technology to change their mental states and improve their confidence, especially with people. Feel free to take a few classes and understand the power of people and their influence on success in today’s society. There is so much to learn about the world, and sometimes we need to go on different missions to reach the world. Recently, The Nation’s Association and the Center for Popular Innovation honored the importance of the Internet and literacy in order to help workers to maintain their jobs and find new ones.

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