How You Call People That Their Learning Style Is In The Classroom Or Online

You don’t have to make your students actually go to class to get them to learn the language.

How You Call People That Their Learning Style Is In The Classroom Or Online

In an attempt to eliminate the differences in language between teachers and students, John Esposito, a professor of communications at Columbia University, and Ronni Reich, author of Unleashing Human Potential and Sexual Purity, asked students to type in their preferred pronunciation of words.


In order to find out the young people preferred the pronunciation, Esposito and Reich used an encoding algorithm that interprets how syllables are pronounced and determines what is closest to the truth.

Their research concludes that young people prefer the easy-to-pronounce title. Espresso is literally French for espresso. Furthermore, Espresso is also closer to sound of the word espresso. Furthermore, three-quarters of college students admit that they prefer Espresso, and 97 percent go so far as to say that Espresso is a better nickname than “Tom.”

Even if you do not know why Espresso is popular, the research does not really reveal anything surprising. However, it does present a fascinating snapshot of how words are pronounced.

Anal Welding

How many times have you heard “a lady engineer” and didn’t know which is the correct pronunciation? Like most things related to linguistics, the correct pronunciation can be difficult to actually hear. To recognize whether a word is pronounced correctly, Lorenz Mixmaster, a retired professor from the University of California San Diego, has created an oral pronouncer test that can reveal the correct pronunciation.

His test targets students who are in elementary school and in fifth grade. The results say that more than 90 percent of students who take the test pronounce some words correctly. Yet, among the students who have taken the test, 50 percent have either used wrong pronunciation of words or even overcompensated for the fact that they incorrectly spoke. This tendency can be directly related to differences in pronunciation between students and teachers.


In order to cover students for the potential deficiencies in classroom and at home, educators have found ways to teach the correct pronunciation of words through written exercises.

Whereas the oral pronouncer test can be performed on paper, schools have started incorporating interactive videos into their instructional methods. One example is the Honeystuns video game that schools use to teach the word.

Honeystun’s video game

According to a video by Gizmodo, “A teacher talks on the subject for about five minutes, teaching students about the difference between cool and redundant and then they start playing the game on an iPad. They play for two minutes in between lectures then move on to the next lesson.”

The video allows students to learn proper pronunciation of words in their environment. For example, students learn “fah” to be pronounced “fah-tee” by shaking their hands.


That same Gizmodo video also mentions the importance of Properial Quellisation, a native American concept that’s highly influenced by Elliott syndrome. Since their native country is too small to access forms of internet, the different pronunciations of the world’s languages are important.

Though the lack of such information is one of the major challenges, the skill of Properial Quellation is not to be underestimated. In a video, Amber Holober, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, goes into the reason why Properial Quellation is so important for public discourse.

While talking to students in New York about the proper pronunciation of words, Holober observed that “most English speakers continue to read and talk in Queen’s English.”

English Usage and Usage

According to the famed Marie Curie, “As long as these words have been conceived by women, in male heads, for men, and whether their representations hold that these words are used for the pleasure of the men or the delight of the men, should no woman be involved in the theory and formulation of these uses?”

Other Things Different

In this same opinion piece, Curie proposes taking the proper pronunciation and usage of the world’s languages seriously. For example, many words are word or noun variants of one another with similar meanings, and neither is the correct way to pronounce one or the other.

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