How Would You Attach An Article To A Post For Online Learning

We recently had a conversation about what is considered proper for creating an article for online learning. There are a bunch of different factors involved from layout to text.

How Would You Attach An Article To A Post For Online Learning

Who hasn’t looked at a scathing article and thought, “That one would be great! Why didn’t I write that article?”

But what does “attaching” article content to a post actually mean? Does it mean you can include an article on your blog post with every post in the next post? Or perhaps you use an article in combination with a copywriting article in a question and answer session?

Or, perhaps you attach an article to each post you create. Or maybe a content training program attached an article for each unique training you offer on a particular platform. There’s also the possibility of adding a book or audio excerpt to a blog post.

But what exactly does it mean when you attach a piece of content to a post for online learning?

According to John Harp, Senior Vice President of Education, Learning & Production at Edmodo, there are basically two types of blog post attachments – content and microsites. As the name implies, content posts are created to serve a purpose, specifically to reinforce an existing “course idea.”

“Content that is threaded with knowledge is useful for everyone. It empowers people to follow along and adds value to their lives,” Harp says. He notes, however, that this is often treated as secondary content, which is why it is so valuable.

“Now, content is becoming deeper and the challenge for many executives is that it’s not obvious who should be seeing it. Microsites are like a gateway to content in a much more visual format and continue to learn as people share their experience with what they read,” Harp says.

Harp stresses that one critical aspect of your microsite is that it’s always aligned with your vision and strategy, which, in some cases, can be challenging.

Harp also says that there are many reasons why an article can be attached to a post. “Like teaching a new skill, if you’re introduced to the right content to get a ‘hook’ on the learner, that person will buy into the idea in a real way.”

Note that a “hook” isn’t always a good thing. While picking up a new skill is a good thing, it can also be a negative.

“Something like ‘you don’t really understand managing a team.’ That can have a big effect on an employee. The needle goes the wrong way a lot of the time and people are losing respect,” Harp says.

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