How Valid Is A Machine Learning Degree Online

Over the past few years, master’s and doctoral programs, both in computer science and operations research, have been highly prevalent in the US. Many online programs have already moved away from a more traditional education model as students are increasingly looking for better ways to obtain a degree online.

The range of degrees these days are mind-boggling, and almost all of them are available online. So, the question begs itself: Are most of these online degrees legit? Take a look at these five key areas.

You can find fake degrees on college campuses

We’ve all been there. You spend hours on a college campus, surrounded by friends, fellow students, professors, and alumni who sit there chewing their nails with the hopes of securing a degree. All is well in the middle of nowhere. But wait. You eventually find out that even the individual behind the name you’ve seen in your faculty directory is a stranger at best.

College police — often individuals that look or act like, but aren’t the real deal — go around looking for real students who can pass the courses they’re supposed to. They’re given names to use on their applications and prove to the colleges that the candidate is actually enrolled. Most of the time, they come up empty handed. So, why would you give up the opportunity to enroll for a degree that isn’t actually yours?

There is also the chance that the certificates that made the college trustworthy in the first place might have been fake — an all too frequent occurrence in colleges that aren’t keen on offering fake degrees online.

Someone is always watching for the scam

It sounds like a fun assignment to answer at test time: Try to convince your instructor that you should get 100 per cent on the test. You’re prepared with your teacher’s academic thesis and your university’s certification numbers, and you’re sure that every test will come out 100 per cent perfect. If you fail that test, you’re at the mercy of your instructor’s judgement.

There’s also the opportunity to become an online student and forge a better education abroad. We recently reported on one curious English student who obtained a degree from the University of Limerick. His “experience” consisted of two fieldwork days in a Western wilderness. But it looks like the human world can prove just as quick to spot a scammer as computers can.

An online degree doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a good experience

Is it safe to assume that a college diploma comes with some level of lifetime networking? Most college students we know have been on a college campus that didn’t include every major or intended field of study, which can offer opportunities for people who aren’t satisfied with the job market when they graduate. They would much rather pursue one degree, especially if they want a better job or career.

But don’t let their over-confidence convince you that you’ll find a wealthy, happy job by pursuing your online degree. Let us remind you: Many online degrees are the result of hopes of obtaining the right job; but there’s no guarantee that an online degree will grant you that dream position.

There’s little financial security for online students

It might be exciting to consider you have a degree, and you’re sure that you’ll be able to travel the world and travel well. But will you have access to international transportation? Will you find other students willing to host you? Even if your income comes to your aid, will you be able to stay in a comfortable rent, pay off your student loans or visit your family?

Also, if your loan is funded through the government, will you be able to stay in a central location, or will it be easier for you to live abroad? These questions, when considered together, could make the decision not to go to university seem necessary. And if you don’t find an answer to these questions, then perhaps it’s time to give up online schooling.

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