How To Write A Compare And Contrast About Online And Traditional Learning

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How To Write A Compare And Contrast About Online And Traditional Learning

Comparison and Contrast

When I was in school, I had to understand the different vocabularies of the many different subjects I had to learn. After I finished high school, I wasn’t happy, either — I spent the years following earning my undergraduate degree writing hundreds of papers, talking to psychology professors and religious leaders, writing fiction, and teaching myself law in a mock trial.

That’s where my understanding of why learning a new skill is such a challenge came from: in order to take it in, I had to create a mental dictionary of terms.

Here are four traits of a good comparison and contrast that will help you figure out which degree you really need.

1. They Rely on Person-to-Person Learning

Like many people, my first experience with the Internet came through interactive computer games. I knew there were hundreds of things to choose from, and I needed to learn the Internet vocabulary fast — if I didn’t understand why someone was doing something with a certain website, I wouldn’t be able to tell if I were being fooled.

Compare and Contrasts

The person-to-person learning you see in online settings is analogous to when you apply for a job: your teacher is a professional you can ask questions to, and you then compare the job details and make comparisons. The two are similar, but to fully understand a tool, you must also understand the resources you can access.

2. They Reveal Every Part of Information

In college, I couldn’t escape comparisons to my peers. One class compared my laundry skills to that of other students. Another told me I had messy toilet bowl. But these comparisons were more often than not about stereotypes rather than facts.

Compare and Contrasts

Comparisons begin with a good question, such as, “why does this college cost $50,000 a year?” To better answer this question, you can ask questions about all the different parts of the college’s function: where its resources go, how much it spends and the outcomes of its investments. For example, in a class I was teaching that covered medieval history, I explained that the Roman Empire was an economically powerful government that built up vast infrastructure. In contrast, the money spent by the British Empire for its military operations throughout the period was far less.

3. They Help You Manage Decision-Making

Think about a website. Should you put all of the articles on an island or part of it? The answer to this question depends on the website you are on. My favorite site for technical decision-making is Stack Overflow, a simple FAQ forum. The site also allows users to donate money and offers realtime notification for every answer they see.

Compare and Contrasts

Comparisons are also just as important at work. If your boss asks if you have some time to address this, will you prioritize the information he needs or choose to just process it?

4. They Provide Feedback

I was put in charge of my first essay two weeks into the semester. This didn’t go well. When I came back to class, the professor told me it was a terrible piece of work. What I did not know was that I had absolutely no idea of how to write papers like this. The semester had just begun, and at the time, I still had no advice from peers or friends.

Compare and Contrasts

In contrast, imagine being an investment fund manager. Their job is to find and know how to value hundreds of ideas. Any investor could have come in and accurately pegged all of the problems in my paper and the one I wrote afterwards, but they didn’t because they had done all their homework and so had no qualms with taking a risk and trying something new. Comparisons are a good way to benchmark your learning — others will usually know what you could have done and what you need to do.

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