How To Work For Black Hills Online Learning

With the winter months here, the unpredictability of these colder months can sometimes feel strange. Not only do we notice different eating habits, but we also have to spend a lot of time during the cold months cuddled up at home, going over lessons and practices with our professors.

How To Work For Black Hills Online Learning

Blacks are more involved in the workforce and their share of the new jobs is finally catching up to the larger population. Blacks are projected to be the fastest growing demographic throughout the next 10 years. This means that the workforce is growing and more jobs will come to market. The market is becoming saturated with a lot of companies and they are all starting to reach the point of saturation. Also, we are beginning to see that options for distance learning are becoming more common. The main issue is that there aren’t enough choice of schools and that ranges from basic to fairly good. But, there is still a big market opportunity.

Blacks have the right issue with online learning

On one hand, Blacks don’t like to talk, but we are also very stressed out. There are stresses that we may not want to bring into the workplace. The longer we put off focusing on what is going to make us successful and what is going to give us what we need to succeed, the longer we’ll be chasing the same things and feeling the same anxieties. So, instead of finding something that will give us these things, we might find something that we don’t want to. It is the same at the company level as well. If you’re not careful with where you are, your team will look like the other teams and you might not feel as comfortable in the work force as you’d like. The majority of people in this industry don’t want that. So, why wouldn’t you go the route to your full potential?

I used to take my courses in real time. I was in class around the clock so that I could also pursue full time work. I chose to focus on my degree because it was the best course of action, but at the time, I probably should have focused on something else and the time could have been spent doing a better job on my daily work. Also, why would I focus on my goal when I didn’t think it was possible to achieve it? I never went back to full time work to pursue my degree, but at the time, I was already stressed about finishing the online course. That is why most schools don’t have a class that is designed for Blacks. Maybe I could have used it to accomplish my goal, but I didn’t think that was the way to make a career out of it.

What I did do to get my degree

When I graduated college and after some soul searching, I decided that I wanted to go the distance learning route. Since I had a really good relationship with my university, I was able to easily complete my coursework online. At the time, it was a plus that I could still work on my degree when I got an internship. However, once I took the internship, I wasn’t too focused on my degree, and it made it even more difficult to make it to the finish line. So, I took a break and started working harder.

I decided that I wanted to finish the degree and I decided to go for it. It was tough at the beginning. I wasn’t sure how my body would respond to being online. I just had to make sure that I was disciplined about setting goals and going after them, and eventually, I got there. Once I got my degree, I then realized that there were many different ways to get your degree, so I also changed my perspective. I learned that the ability to switch your mindset and to keep your mind focused on what you want is a huge asset for future success.

Unfortunately, some Blacks do drop out of online programs when they realize that the program isn’t for them. I don’t know why they give up; they might just forget about their plan. However, others may be more aware of what they want out of the experience and which courses would be better suited for them.

The individual options are there for the individual

When I gave my degree to the school, they sent me my transcripts, and they gave me certification for my degree. At the time, I didn’t know that a lot of credit hours could be online. For the first few years, there were not many choices, but now, there are more options. So, you have the ability to pick up online degree courses and use that to get your degree. You don’t have to go through the college system, and you can get the major you want and work towards it.

The reality is that Blacks don’t want to spend their time online learning, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get what we need. The best thing is to give your drive to it. My advice is to know what you want and work toward it. That is what I did and that is what I have done to get to where I am

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