How To Work For Black Hills Online Learning

First of all, thanks for reading this. The following is a Q&A exchange with a Realtor, who happens to work in marketing for Black Hills online learning company.

Do you specialize in marketing for the publishing industry?

We utilize social media, the internet, and video in our marketing efforts. The internet has made it much easier to research projects or services needed for our REALTORSĀ® and we have a large network of current and former clients to use and provide feedback to.

What kind of tools and digital training is offered to our associates?

We are always in need of training for our account managers, franchisees, and even our online learning coordinators.

How do you encourage our current membership to remain engaged?

We have an affiliate program that allows our current members to be retained once they complete their completing their training.

What does Black Hills online learning mean to your business?

It enables us to reach more students than we have been able to ever before.

BizUps asks: What is something you want your readers to know about how to be successful in the education marketplace?

Our track record is impressive, and our customers do not have to stay on our platform. If there is something they need to upskill on, we can help them find the resources they need. Our clients have never seen a sales funnel or EBITDA numbers.

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