How to Track Cell Phones Like a Real Spy

Know how to track cell phones like a real spy — without it being harder to separate fact from fiction.

How to Track Cell Phones Like a Real Spy

This is how.

The rich and famous sometimes include tools in their lives, like notifying friends and family that you have a new date to go on a date on, or reminding people when you’re leaving for your vacation. This smartphone tracking is even more effective when there’s a lot of water involved. Why? Well, because if the water level goes down, you’ll usually notice that there’s someone who’s (accidentally) left behind their phone or that they’ve left themselves some extra time.

We’ve all been there. We were at a bar and had a really good vibe, and suddenly people start to leave. You glance over at your phone, and it’s unplugged. Of course, it’s less likely that someone is checking their phone because the bar is packed, but we’ve all been there.

There are two major things that you can do to track someone’s phone:

1. Download the “Find My iPhone” app.

2. Look at their phone.

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Once you download the Find My iPhone app, you just need to “search for your Apple ID.” Once it’s created, the app will automatically list your phone’s registered address. Tap it, and you’ll be asked if you want to track your phone. Don’t trust the app. Let it be your proof. You’ll need a camera, which you can easily find on your phone. See the image above. If you’re using an iPhone and you’re not sure if it’s a camera, try to hold the iPhone in the exact place where you might find a camera. You’ll see the end result on screen. In any case, you’ll see a series of icons with green and yellow, each with a number next to it. Those are how many. The icons on the left are those you want to use.

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If you’re using a new phone, you’ll need to delete the Find My iPhone app from your old phone. Once that’s done, you’re free to look at the photos. Even if you want to delete that number, it might be there for you to see if you want to re-categorize.

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You can also get a list of any incoming calls if your phone is out of range for this app.

If you have more than one Apple ID, all of those phones are listed for you to see.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your phone, the Google Maps app can show you how to open up the tool bar and flip through the apps using the keyboard. You can also see photos of the images or screenshots of the data on your phone.

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