How To Stay Self Motivated For Learning Stuff Online

When it comes to learning, online learning is becoming an increasingly popular option. This method offers immense flexibility and flexibility means that you can potentially achieve your goals at any time.

Tempted to quit your regular work and self-improvement projects? Listen up, because why quit learning online when you can give yourself some much needed ‘me time’, right? Yes, in the wake of Trump’s victory, the internet filled with anxiety, anger, fear and rage amongst many Americans.

Now, I’m no social media expert by any means. But, I do find it really strange to hear such hateful and thought-provoking thoughts be broadcast across our screens so often. And yes, I’m referencing the Donald Trump’s victory (and how shocked I was). Considering Hillary Clinton officially won the popular vote, I found the outcome of the election a rather ironic and nauseating plotline, truth be told.

I’m sure you’ve experienced similar feelings following your own election. It’s hard to sit down, go to bed or look up somewhere like Youtube to learn new knowledge, especially when people around you are so ignorant about issues, morals, morals and the daily work of upholding our democratic principles. You’d think that the information we consume and get fed via daily news channels would come with the proper background to better inform us on the decisions government is putting in place for all of us.

We would think so…

While making it seem like we have the power to effect change, we do not. There is literally nothing we can do to change anything we don’t personally agree with and research proves it. We can make our opinions heard, but as George Orwell said, “We cannot possibly interfere with the voting. We can interfere with what they think, though.”

When I first moved to NYC, I lived in Brooklyn for a year. During that time, I would always take walks through her park, Wallabout-Hopp Park. On my walks, I would always look up at the huge tree, 100+ years old, over in that area. I would look at the blue and yellow goldflowery flowers, now every bit as vibrant as ever. I would look out at the horizon, which was filled with everything in its pride. To this day, I still get chills when I come to this very tree, which symbolizes to me their love for me, an out of the bottle.

Therefore, I don’t think the bigoted haters who have decided to continue spewing hateful hate online will change and will continue to propagate hateful ideas of those of different sexual identities, racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups. As long as we can keep reporting these hateful news stories that are real no matter who sees them, it makes no difference, right? All we can do is sit back and watch the hate, because we still are stuck in ‘2nd Ward mentality’ (Backyard Sociopaths).

That’s why I decided to go back and learn more about the internet: to learn more about myself, my surroundings and the world I live in. I learned that my world is changing, and that social media shouldn’t try to tell me otherwise. It wasn’t a matter of actually being better informed, since I realized that everyone is better informed nowadays and we no longer live in the ‘backyard’. I learned to myself that sometimes you have to love your family more than you feel they deserve.

In the end, we all have to do something that we don’t actually feel like doing to change the environment around us.

I can’t tell you how good it felt in that moment when I realized that the 50 thousand years and 100 or so years of evolution I had experienced were not correct. Or how I felt the strength I had within me is what I needed to overcome. Or how the color red was a shade of grey that I needed to comprehend that all people do deserve love, being color blind doesn’t make us any less worthy and deserving.

We all have to do something we don’t actually feel like doing to change the environment around us. It’s tough, but it’s a start.

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