How to Start Your Own Brand From Scratch in 7 Steps

Starting your own brand from scratch is no easy feat, but it’s worth it. As Followers Show Us, you’ll have a chance to take control over your own words and influence a wide audience.

How to Start Your Own Brand From Scratch in 7 Steps

Before we dive into what this means, let’s define brand… Not your name, not your logos or your logo art, but your attitude, your ethos, your brand. More specifically, the reasons why you believe your company or product is “the best.”

Depending on where you’re at, this needs to be a philosophy that’s part of your identity and a major part of who you are. If you don’t already have one, here are a few questions to help you get there.

Do you believe that your company offers unique products, and that these products are worth the price? How much are you willing to spend? Can you talk more about the experience you provide? Would you refer clients?

If it’s all brand, then get out more. I’d advise diving right in with your consumer rather than waiting until your prices start going up. Start asking the basics.

In some countries, and other times in the U.S., such as the UAE, you would say the following to consumers looking for a business: “What do you need? Why should you trust us?”

This really is a distinction between a brand building activity and a branding activity, an action you need to take before you start bringing out your own branding method to grow your company. If you’re starting out and/or slowly raising capital, you need to make that a priority – and I’ll show you how to do it.

Here’s how to start your own brand:

2. Be authoritative and inspirational.

My father used to say this about my culture, “if you want a job, just go down there and claim it.” And I mean it! The key is to be authentic. Who are you, what are you about, and what makes you different? So many people in this world just “claim” a career or a business or a product. But that’s not a good enough claim for many other people. Maybe they’re wary, or less than optimistic about the likelihood of success.

Most likely they’re used to a lot of established leaders and competing brands, and your uniqueness is going to be key. Remember, this is who you are, and what makes you different. The more you can show people how to work with and understand your business, the more they will be willing to open up to you. That in turn translates into trust, both between you and your customer and your business partner.

3. Create a robust network of influential people.

When I first started my company I spent countless hours to strategize and create a network of influencers, customers, and owners I admired. But then I had to pay for advertising so that was expensive and not much of a creative outlet. Rather than wasting money on advertising, I decided that the best way to grow my market was to engage all influencers on a constant basis.

As your business has a growing mindshare and reputation, you’re going to need to stay hyper connected with everyone who is involved in it. If not, you won’t build up anything that remains relevant in a year or two.

4. Stay on top of the conversation.

Even though all that Instagram and Snapchat are doing is gathering data, you need to stay on top of the conversation and respond immediately to whatever it is you see out there. If you aren’t building loyal followers, you’ll die from inattention and/or fade out of market.

What we believe is real, always important, and always true. For example, our philosophy on flying is clear – you should do it for the right reasons, and the reason you fly shouldn’t be for marketing or any other reasons. You’d go crazy if your plans changed based on a statistical analysis of the weather or airport weather.

That’s why we don’t see the argument that “the consumer is busy,” and if we went by that then “why would people want to come to our website” is just ridiculous. The thing is, not only are consumers busy, but you have to have the space you need to make your website cool, unique, engaging, and engaging. It’s what the consumer wants.

5. Develop your products and give the extra look.

Sure, you should pay attention to a lot of the elements of your product or service – it’s hard to imagine it working well if you didn’t do. But there’s an entire section in your site that shows you the art, photography, and videos that are needed to make your product stand out. You have to make that rich experience available to your customers.

It’s important that you allow your customers the luxury of doing a product comparison, or it makes you less effective and something of a commodity. Allow them to make that decision for themselves.

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