How To Start Learning Microsoft Excel Online Free

Anyone looking to get some basic skills in Microsoft Excel knows that it takes time and money to learn Excel. But with Xbox’s 1,500 servers and their easy access to the internet, Xbox is actually very affordable to join the Excel community.

How To Start Learning Microsoft Excel Online Free

If you are planning to go big and save a lot of money, Microsoft Excel Online is the tool for you. It has been found to be easy to learn, can be highly customized, is secure and offers you a big repertoire of features. If you are planning to start learning Excel Online Free for getting the best out of it, these tips are worth following.

How to Learn Microsoft Excel Online Free

All you need to do is go online and register for the free course provided by Microsoft. The Online Microsoft Excel course covers the basics and can help you throughout the entire course, if you choose to go this route. The courses go offline within the course but if you want to save the data, simply save the course.

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All you need to do is create an account and allow the Live class to start. After the initial registration, every individual that joins Microsoft Office Online Online must create an account, just like any other course.

Data on Microsoft Excel Online Free

Microsoft Excel Online can be used by you or anyone else. The data on Microsoft Excel Online is stored on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. To access the data, you need to setup the “My Computer” option through Cortana, Assistant of Windows 10 and Mac OS. To setup My Computer, set the file “MyDocuments,Settings,Components,Outlook.exe” as the default folder, followed by, “Hotword,” “Home” or “Contacts” (if you have many contacts in, it may be hard to find). Then, open “” from the desktop application by clicking on the “Taskbar.”

Click on the “Get Started” button and then double click on “Import all your files.” After this is done, the process will continue back with importing files. Microsoft currently has a program, called “Help” that explains the various steps you can take to import data from Microsoft Excel Online. Just click on the “Help” box and then you can follow the instructions, which is a useful way to get started.

Importing Data

When you have successfully imported all your data, you can then open up the spreadsheet page with whatever information you need. A great way to customise your spreadsheet is to enter any data you want, including phone numbers and date. Like any other Excel spreadsheet, you can also read or convert the data into a related format. The data you import will now be automatically installed.

Major Challenges

A big challenge that many people have is learning Excel Online. The course itself is intended to help you. You will also find the steps given for importing data to be quite straightforward. But, whether you are new to Excel or have been using it for a while, there are still going to be some challenges for you to face.

Make sure you add enough data. This may take you longer.

Try and use the comfort of the Excel editor. The state of the Microsoft Excel icon is just a quick way to sense if you are not using the smart editor and it will automatically prompt you for more open fields and more data.

Make sure that all the data you have imported are aligned. What is important is that all columns are aligned horizontally so they can be easily plotted.

Besides, you may also find that you get confused when you attempt to add data to a spreadsheet. If that happens, just check in the What is In Column and What is Out column and follow the prompts. These steps will ensure that everything is integrated and seamless so you do not get confused with the data.

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