How To Start a Blog in 2019

We’re now in the 13th year of the internet age and, as I’ve written previously, we need to prepare to embrace it and all that it has to offer. Unlike in 1998, the majority of internet users now have a home and internet modem instead of dial-up internet access.

How To Start a Blog in 2019

We’ve all heard the tip that you should start a blog about a hobby. A hobby that you simply can’t put down and/or it doesn’t make much money. But, a blog? Hmm. A blog and exactly what on earth would you blog about?

Well, it seems that most people don’t realize that they don’t really need to buy into the luxuries of money and computers when the real money and money is in maintaining a blog. Along with the profits that your post might earn and growing your image, you’ll also need to spend a lot of money on keeping your blog alive. You might also want to start with what blogs can do for you.

A Blog is Personalized

Along with blogging, you will need to spend time maintaining the blogs as it’s a personal investment in your blog’s image. As long as you are marketing a blog and on the social media platforms that will promote your blog and increase the number of followers that your blog has, you will have to pay for admin costs, ensure that the blog running smoothly, and address any online complaints. You will also need to remind your clients who have posted on your blog that they have to respond to your messages and therefore they’ll need to maintain a correspondently with the blog. The advice is to find out what your clients want from your blog and to support them as they’ll pay you so much more when they show their trust in your potential to be a good doctor of free public.

Trust Is An Issue

As an activity that we were taught in childhood that’s how we got the dream of going into professional education is the concept of having direct personal contact with the people we need to help with our businesses. But, what happens when your business takes time on client’s business? On what tool will you look for the connections that you’ll need to help your business? You need to get the trust of the people who need to help you in order to improve your business or to get you a good deal.

As bloggers, we need to give as good as we get when it comes to answering questions and taking responsibility when it comes to answering customers concerns. This is why our blogs and social media pages give us a direct relationship with our clients.

Become Trusted

With your writing, your reputation, and your personal brand, becoming a client becomes more of a relationship and less of a transaction. Having a successful blog will also go a long way to make you more knowledgeable when it comes to your clients business and the area that you specialise in.

New Online Privacy Laws

Whether you are posting a journal for your blog or a personal story about your life, new online privacy laws is a thing of the past because people will keep using websites that are known to their clients. One should be aware of what their customers are looking for online, what they’ll save online, and, if they’ll need to share that in your blogs and social media profiles.

Do You Know What You’re Doing?

Apart from your blog basics and your customer contacts, there is an even bigger change that you’ll be seeing in 2019 and that is the recent passing of a new law about data protection. The latest addition that will take effect is that it is now illegal to sell your data to third parties such as websites or advertisers. So, make sure that you are going to build your reputation and integrity instead of weakening it.

In conclusion, remember that a great online strategy doesn’t just involve blogging, but getting the strategy right. A great online strategy is something that is aligned with your personal brand and that of your work. And you might want to start with this: know what you’re doing.

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