How To Spend Learning Points In Albion Online

If you love to play video games and want to earn more points for all the fun that you are having, Albion Online is a good place to start.

What Can I Do With Our Methods?

“Every good game has 4 simple rules: Play dumb, play stupid, play stupid, and play smart.”

The first few things you have to learn before you can turn just about any kind of code game into an interactive program is how to game and who to play. Without knowing this, you may not have the confidence to stop the game from continuing to move forward in any direction. You might give up playing the best in the business or the smartest guy in the room, and that is where smart folks and teams can go wrong.

Keep in mind that while learning (formally) about Albion games, you are adding a new skill to the market that some may like to know.

Albion games is great because we aren’t trying to cram your brain with all sorts of complex concepts or concepts and abstraction. To be more clear, our methodology for creating our codes and interactions is fairly simple.

We start with solving a big problem. The biggest problem we go after is a cause and effect environment. I will tell you quickly that this world can get pretty simple, and we haven’t even mentioned money.

Like the universe, if you know its big enough, there is an answer that will solve your problem. This is why our code can literally be described as vanilla. If you want to know what is in the code, ask yourself: how does this input and output application work?

It might sound like we have all the answers. We don’t! In this blog, I will tell you our process behind codings that help build our games. My goal is to keep you informed and not forget those first few code steps.

Our Strategies In Excel

The key is that you must start with thinking with a “programmer mind”. As you can clearly see from my blog post, we have honed in on my definition of “design thinking” – start with a problem, and the point at which you think you have a solution.

In the timeline below, you will see that we have laid out seven different parts that we created the first version of our software on – many of these are from different codings.

Click the image to see the linked timeline.

In the same way that software engines and software frameworks were developed for the automobile industry, we now have software engineering to solve the problem I have outlined in this post. It’s a combination of creativity and business understanding that we are learning in this very unique way.

Throughout the summer and fall, it was time to develop our teams. I will tell you that when I was hunting for the right talent, you could essentially buy a team of coders for $99. Most brands are out there paying their employees upwards of $100,000/month and are often bringing people in that are way better than you. Maybe you were actually getting a team member that is one of the best coders for the $99 price tag, but were being asked to do a lot with very little.

Today, I can say that two of our core talent players are a couple months from breaking even. I am also quite pleased with the talent acquisition effort and strategy to date, and can see the potential for this team to blossom and eventually turn a profit. If you haven’t done any of the work yet, I invite you to get involved.

Below is our teaching method for students, or anyone who wants to learn to code – as it applies to a live real life application. I encourage you to join us in helping to solve some of today’s most prominent problems.

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