How To Set Up Online Learning Site

If you’re in the market for an internet based education site, the options are very varied. It’s important to know what you’re looking for when it comes to creating an internet based learning center.

Learning by Watching is one of the many trends that have affected the student learning experience and it has become more accessible and accessible. Though the education industry is global, every region has unique approaches to learning. Some markets focus on creating an immersive learning experience. For instance, Middle East countries provide their students with some form of Arabic language training that allows them to achieve quality Arabic writing and interaction in an environment where Arabic is spoken all the time. The idea is that this project could be a learning component of an existing university program where you or your child can apply what they learn and make it difficult to return to your local university if they do not want to change the program. In regions like these, two elements are critical for success in their learning strategies: a robust tutor and program.

As a student of learning content, I wanted to learn how I could create this type of learning for my own children. The first step I took was to create a lesson plan using content from my Kidchat mnemonic. The content helps young children gain the skills they need to succeed. When I looked online, I discovered a site that does exactly what I wanted to achieve for my own kids.

Get Started

Navigating the learning site took a little bit of research. Basically, you have to sign in and see the homepage. You also need to see what skills you want to use and what level of learning you need to reach. After that, you click on Learning Tools and read about the keyboard and reading tools. These are great free and open educational resources to help you develop. You may also want to make videos and watch them on the site or check out videos found on YouTube. Once you have identified the content you want to learn, you will need to go to the Learning Tool bar to select what skills you want to learn.


Below is a side-by-side comparison of the level of content that you can find on the Kidchat Learning Mindset and Learning and Games website as well as YouTube. The bandwidth of the Kidchat content works better. The amount of text is higher and animation is more prevalent than on YouTube.

Link with Kids

You can make Learning by Watching an extra bit of fun by linking it with your Kidchat website. You can purchase a domain name for your Kidchat page and link it to your learning site. You can also use the site’s website search engine to find every video you want to watch in one place.

Transferable Skills

If you want your children to learn online, they will need to be able to work in a group. For this to work, they will need to read and be able to reply on a scale of 1-3. Think of the transition from school to the workplace when you used to read at the end of the day. Now, you talk about things in 30-second segments or two-minute segments, because your brain needs a rest.

Think you can teach your kids online by simply picking up a book? Perhaps in a basement or in a solitary space, but not in a classroom. As a parent, you will want your kids to use online learning methods. You will need to create a productive learning environment for your kids that works for your lifestyle. Be strategic about where you place your programs and create a learning environment where your kids can develop fundamental skills they will need in the future.

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