How To Sell Your Learning Product Online

It may not be easy, but if your learning product can be sold online, then you can potentially sell thousands.

How To Sell Your Learning Product Online

Learning is something everyone loves doing. Whether it’s brushing up on your golf skills or learning how to code, there’s always something new to learn. Since it’s impossible to know what an awesome user experience will be, the only real way to see what it will be like is to look for opinions, read reviews, and watch an online video.

Since you’re going to sell your learning product, you’re going to need an engaging website and content to highlight all the great user experiences. A good starting place is thinking about all the thought that went into the design and creating the content itself. It’s also very helpful to have strong content that has been reviewed, shared, and evaluated.

Reviews have the added benefit of helping you stand out and provide a customer experience that’s worth reading. Here are some strategies you can use to achieve your goal.

1. Check out User Review Sites

Many Google searches surface a ton of great-looking online learning sites. These are great starting points, but they might not provide you with great answers. Have someone look at every page, especially the user-experience sections, to see what everyone likes and doesn’t like.

2. Research User-Experience Experts

At this point, you probably have plenty of information to do a deep dive to get the most out of your best user experience. You can learn more from people who are well-versed in the industry you’re focused on. Better yet, there are many students studying specific topics who will be willing to help give you an idea of what it’s like in your field.

3. Create Good Signposting

Learn from the greats. Reach out to a group of experts and ask for their top three reviews. Are they well-known, reputable and respected within the community? While you’re at it, ask some questions like: What’s the most important learning experience you ever went through? What’s the best content you ever had access to? With these questions in mind, the experts can tell you a ton about how to best market and promote your product.

4. Cast a Wide Net

You want your user experience to be amazing, right? So start reaching out to the community and figuring out who reviews this type of product. Anyone with a regular internet connection can review a product, so as long as you reach out and ask for their review they will review the product for you. If you’re seeking out mainstream, middle America audience, you can go to Google and find reports from people who live in their local area. If you’re looking for Facebook-ready people, put out a regional search in Google in your area.

5. Market A Lot

You don’t need to stop there. After a number of reviews, you can market a lot, right? Visit your small city, city near your local city, and search for local businesses to market to. Make a list of the top review sources on each business and ask for their reviews. You can then post them on your product page and create a dialogue with these retailers for new and existing users.

6. Build Consistency

The best signposting should start as soon as you get more reviews. Market them to your existing customers. Then, market to everyone you think will find the learning product useful. In the final stages, look for friends, coworkers, and family members to post reviews of the product on social media, on your blog, and/or send an email with a link to review a previous article you wrote about the product. Use these resources to increase your ad inventory, push potential customers to your page and give them what they want.

Regardless of which strategies you decide to use, having a great user experience is essential to getting your learning product across. If you’re going to sell your learning product, be sure to buy a page rate plan that will help you market effectively. Get it now from U.S. News.

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