How To See Whos Online On Panarama Vista Learning

We’ve got a special giveaway for our readers to win One fabulous prize from Panarama & learning, a digital media platform for children that was first launched by YouTube parenting expert Kimberly Drew to connect parents to digital and interactive content for their kids.

How To See Whos Online On Panarama Vista Learning

Whose online skillz might you observe? From it going down human conversations to creating an all inclusive, organic social media life. That’s the aim of Panarama and what it aims to facilitate. Clad in an experience that will allow kids to see themselves and other kids interact, Panarama will provide new layers for kids and parents alike. Panarama gives tech savvy kids a fun and engaging way to connect with their peers using technology and present a detailed account of their life online that will be supplemented by “real” experiences of friends, teachers, and mentors. Panarama is a virtual reality reality dollhouse that brings to life an immersive virtual reality experience. We are available for PSFK Conference.

We want to be there for kids who use technology the way we use it. Through an experience that brings an interactive gaming element to virtual reality, we are able to directly impact today’s kids and provide valuable feedback about what they like and don’t like about technology. As kids use our technology we get to learn about their emotional state, values, interests, and habits from them. We give kids the opportunity to see what online presence a person has created through a story inspired by their own life and culture. In a digital world, where people have become increasingly connected to each other using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Kakao, Google G+, Skype, Youku and their faces are all known to them, we want to give them a new way to connect.

We partner with super influencers across the globe to design this immersive experience that comes together to reach kids, parents, and teachers. We continue to partner with brands and publishers in the digital and digital media space. Panarama was created with the purpose of highlighting educational and fun experiences in a virtual reality environment that we hope will inspire kids to use technology in new ways.

Panarama has fully blown up into a world-wide brand in a short amount of time. We partnered with Facebook earlier this year to launch the Panarama Digital Ad Producer Program, which allows publishers to design or create the interactive experience of their choosing, and sell advertising to brands in real time using Facebook as a distribution platform.

Each Brand builds the experience with their ideas and content that they want to reach kids and users of their digital properties.

Now that Panarama has engaged many super influencers, brands, and publishers to explore and deliver world-class experiences, we are excited to be embarking on a second stage of implementation of our platform in the form of an educational curriculum for teachers, which will be similar to the learning platform that we use in schools.

What about that is different to the educational platform that is currently used in schools?

We’re called the Hally Barstool Educational Platform because that’s where the inspiration came from. Our educators use these experiences to present and explore ideas to students. As Panarama is an educational platform, it gets out of the way and is free for kids to experiment, but can still help kids understand concepts. What we have found, while attending Ptolemy Symposium in May and hosting hundreds of kids from 6 to 18 years of age, is that our brands offer much more than simply entertainment and fun. Kids not only learn concepts, but they come away with a complete picture of the social and emotional landscape they are thriving in.

So much space has been devoted to “how to teach your kids” these days. How does Panarama fit into this?

We can’t promise that you won’t learn from Panarama. We encourage parents to take advantage of this opportunity to learn what tech and technology is doing to our kids, while providing them with the opportunity to be a part of developing a social media identity and feeling connected to others. Through Panarama we’re giving kids the ability to meet other kids and teachers, a chance to write what they want about their experiences and meet mentors who can explain what that means. By engaging kids using Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Kakao, Google G+, Skype, Youku and their faces on Youku, we are developing the next generation of users for these popular platforms. We are also helping them develop their self-confidence, creativity, and having a voice in the online conversation.

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