How To Save Your Ppid Number To The Psea Online Learning Portal

Save yourself a lot of trouble when you’re planning your finances.

No matter what location you’re in—from New York to Chicago to New Orleans to Antarctica—there is a lesson for everyone you can learn. That’s why this 12-week course, on track to be the most popular online learning course in the world by Christmas, is one we highly recommend for any learning-obsessed person.

Okay, so what exactly is this class? Let’s break it down, shall we?

This popular online learning course, created by the same people who brought you Course Report, covers everything you need to know about successful teaching, communication and leadership, from after-school experiences to professional life. If you’re a teacher, an accountant, a coworker, a mom—it covers every possible form of day-to-day human communication. So you will learn something. You might even come out smelling like a rose. And just by watching this video, you will be better at communication, and then you will manage to lecture to your kids with more authority than you ever dreamed possible. You will look amazing.

As we said, you can only access this course online and for 12 weeks this summer. It’s created, developed and hosted by Professor Morty Fong, a Washington-based travel blogger, online instructor and writer, who has already been called the “Shark Tank of education.” His ultimate mission for the class is to help each of his students become more effective in their chosen careers, and he’s accomplishing that by doing all of the work for you.

Each student gets to take turns each week writing a blog for the class explaining how they received their master’s certificate, and Fong will check in with them once a week during the course.

“It’s the backbone of the class,” Fong said. “Everybody within the class is responsible for getting the thing going. I ask my students for help, and I hang out with them regularly. I also send the class a newsletter, and it’s like the school’s newsletter. If you have a child, you can’t help but identify with this every three months.”

Each week, Fong does a short interview with a regular teacher who is teaching throughout the month.

“The teachers become partners with the students. They provide mentorship and guidance,” he said. “They’re held accountable for what they say.”

Each teacher also has a big spotlight to shine, and Fong picks them to introduce a couple of new classes to the class. These teachers are some of the most inspiring in the country, and will surely leave you in awe. There’s Anita Brookner, author of A Room of One’s Own and Barbara Stroud, author of Inside Out Change. Fong just recently added former Secretary of Education Bill Gates to the list.

“He’s from the great outdoors; he walked the Appalachian Trail,” he said. “He turned down billions of dollars to use his energy and his strengths to come up with a way to help kids around the world.”

The class is designed to be all-inclusive. Students can start with the class when they are 18 and get their masters at the end of the 12 weeks. “This is a very non-traditional class,” Fong said. “They’re not getting 18 credits; they’re getting more than that. What I like to say to my students who are looking for academic gain is ‘You can’t get a perfect GPA if you don’t take any [exams].’ This is not a test. This is a class. This is how you walk the walk. This is how you really measure yourself.”

This course requires lots of time, but once you finish it, there is a potential gold mine in this fun, free online learning course. You don’t have to stay for the rest of the year, and if you can’t make it at all, you can come back for another attempt as soon as you’re ready. To begin planning your perfect journey to the master’s degree, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll in this semester of A 12-Week Master’s of Learning. For more information, visit the Psea Online Learning Portal.

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